PokerStars’ Server Issues Sparks Criticism from Players

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PokerStars' server issues cause complaints from players.
Players raise concerns over PokerStars reliability since the Amaya Gaming takeover. (Image:

The tech wizards at PokerStars have been forced to work some serious magic this weekend after a series of server issues forced the site to suspend many of its games and issue refunds to thousands of players.

Despite possessing an exemplary record when it comes to server reliability, PokerStars has been hit by a constant stream of technical problems since Friday.

Although the operator has done its best to keep the action flowing, many games have been suspended for long periods of time, causing a wave of complaints from weekend grinders.

Continued Issues for PokerStars Players

The initial glitch, which started on Friday, caused a series of time out issues for players.

After reviewing the situation, PokerStars’ tech team decided to force a server restart.

That move appeared to resolve the problem according to the site’s official spokesperson, Lee Jones.

“Seems @PokerStars connection issue is resolved. If you had updater/connection issues, please try again. Thanks for your patience,” tweeted Jones. 

However, the problems soon resurfaced and as late as Monday afternoon, forum users were complaining of problems trying to connect to certain games.

Given the unusual nature of the problems and the amount of time it has taken to restore full functionality, some grinders have speculated that PokerStars could be the victim of an ongoing DDoS (Denial-of-Service) attack.

These attacks usually occur when a rogue Internet user decides to flood a company’s server with thousands of requests, overwhelming it to the point of meltdown.

“Is it confirmed ddos? If so who is your pick if it were a rival site?” wrote DarkMattersMan.

The Latest Complaint by PokerStars’ Regulars

Although PokerStars hasn’t confirmed if this is the case, it could be the reason why the site is experiencing continued problems, despite the best efforts of the tech team.

Although server problems are common across many poker sites due to the high volume of traffic they receive each day, some people have used the incident to question PokerStars’ new management.

Since Amaya Gaming took control of the site a small section of the community have become unhappy with the direction the site has taken.

In addition to criticizing the introduction of casino games, players have taken a dislike to the number of “gamble” orientated games, such as Spin & Gos, being introduced.

“This is unbearable… Has PokerStars made a statement yet? If not, Euro sites here I come,” wrote meSLYFOX.

This latest issue has given the naysayers renewed cause to question the new regime at PokerStars.

Although these critiques may be unfounded, there has been a definite knock on PokerStars’ reputation among some members of the community since Amaya took control.

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