Rising Poker Star Landon Tice Becomes Solve for Why’s Newest Coach

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Landon Tice, the 21-year-old poker prodigy, is joining Matt Berkey’s Solve for Why poker training academy as its newest coach.

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Landon Tice competing in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open in 2021. (Image: seminolehardrockpokeropen.com)

The up-and-coming poker pro appears to have a bright future ahead of him in this game. Berkey couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring him on board early in his career.

Solve for Why is considered one of the top poker training sites in the game. New members can sign-up and learn poker strategy from Berkey, Tice, Christian Soto, and others for $49.99 per month. A membership grants customers access to numerous training videos, podcasts, webinars, and other resources geared to helping players take their game to the next level.

Tice, who will soon face Bill Perkins in a heads-up challenge, extensively studies the game from a GTO approach, and will lend his expertise to Solve for Why customers. The rising poker star, who admittedly doesn’t specialize in live multi-table tournament play, took down the $1,000 MSPT at Venetian in November for $201,529.

Landon Tice has a High Ceiling

But it’s still early in his career and he’s still just a baby by poker standards. How far can he get in this difficult game someday? Berkey thinks “the sky’s the limit” with the up-and-coming poker pro.

“It’s really not about natural talent or some indescribable ability to see through people’s souls; but rather it’s about his access to information, financing, and most importantly his desire to put in the work and execute with precision,” Berkey told CardsChat News via email.

“For a lot of us who came up in the soft, pre-Black Friday market, the game was about creatively outmaneuvering one another and figuring out the trade secrets as we go,” Berkey continued. “For guys like Landon and this younger generation, there’s no ego nor desire to control the uncontrollable, it’s as simple as working hard to discover edges and then confidently executing on those spots. Stakes only matter by comparison to bankroll, competition only matters by comparison to study, and currently, Landon has a leg up on most in both those capacities.”

Numerous young apparent up-and-comers have come and gone over the years. At one point, Justin “BoostedJ” Smith was one of the top rising stars, Dutch Boyd, Scott Fischman and their “Crew” were going to take over the poker world 17 years ago, and Annette Obrestad, who won the 2007 WSOP Europe Main Event at age 18 (youngest to ever win a bracelet), was all set to be the next great female poker star for years to come.

None of those players went on to excel in poker long-term. But Tice appears headed on a different path, and Berkeley explains solves for why.

“I think Landon’s greatest strength is that he isn’t driven by tangible goals like money, but rather, he’s immersed in the process and trusts that even the loftiest of goals will be met and surpassed through diligent pursuit of excellence,” the Solve for Why founder said. “It’s really the standout mechanism that drew me to him; process-oriented thinking is rare in high performers and even rarer in someone barely old enough to drink legally. Jeremiah Williams and Nick Marchington are other young talents that stand out to me as big-picture, process-oriented thinkers, and it’s no surprise that these guys had an impact on Landon’s growth in this game.”

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