Poker Pro Micah Raskin Pleads Guilty to Distributing 360 Pounds of Weed, Faces Mandatory 5-Year Sentence

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Poker pro Micah Raskin told earlier this week that, “great content starts with good storytelling,” in an interview about business marketing. We have a story to tell about the content expert. The story goes like this. Raskin pleaded guilty in Baltimore, Maryland to one felony count of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, in massive quantities, and now faces a mandatory sentence of five years in prison.

Micah Raskin poker pro
Poker pro Micah Raskin bears a striking resemblance to Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel. (Image:

The New York native would certainly rather spend the next few years playing cards instead of being locked up. But the feds have other plans for his future.

Raskin, the CEO and President of Miral Records, entered a guilty plea on Thursday. The judge released him on supervision and set a June sentencing date.

Poker Pro in Deep Trouble

Raskin admitted to trafficking hundreds of pounds of weed from a grower in California. The poker player with nearly $2 million in lifetime tournament earnings was arrested in February on federal charges.

When federal agents raided his New York home, they seized a loaded shotgun, 10 pounds of marijuana and drug ledgers, according to prosecutors. They also contend to have found 360 pounds of marijuana (worth about $500,000 worth) in a storage locker.

Inside a US District court on Thursday, Raskin pleaded guilty. By doing so, his attorney David Cohen says he is “taking responsibility for his actions.”

Prosecutors claim the poker pro received shipments of marijuana and delivered it by courier to locations in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Virginia. Federal agents wiretapped his phone and also collected hundreds of calls and text messages that detailed his alleged crimes.

As part of its investigation, feds confiscated a shotgun, taser, SUV, 2016 Chevrolet Corvette, expensive artwork, and $140,000 in cash.

Career Put on Hold

Raskin is the CEO of a record company that produces music for The Raskins, a rock band made up of his family members. He also volunteers at local soup kitchens and encourages others to help give back to the community.

“Showing up and serving people in person is a life-changing experience that provides you with a deeper sense of purpose,” he said in a recent press release. “I can’t overstate the importance of giving your time to those who need it the most.”

As a poker player, he has nearly $2 million in lifetime live tournament earnings, ranking 57th all-time in New York. Only another $33 million to go and he’ll catch Erik Seidel for the lead.

That probably won’t happen any time soon, however, not if his next five years are spent behind bars.

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