PKR Poker Teases Version 3.0 Client Update

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PKR Poker v3 Software
PKR is set to debut the newest client of its software, Version 3.0, which will enhance graphics, user interface and the overall player experience. (Image: PKR)

PKR Poker is set to bring some new changes to its popular poker client quite soon. To maintain a faithful and entertained fan base, PKR Poker, like any other website, has to offer up something exciting for its players.

Online poker players often scour the Internet for the perfect site that recreates their ideal version of the virtual felt. Many factors come into play including amount of lag, ease of use, reliable interfaces and cool graphics.

For players, each of these things holds a different amount of weight. Not every site can achieve a perfect balance between everything, but many try. But when it’s time for something newer and fresher to come around, expect it to grab players’ attention. After spending what feels like forever in development, PKR Poker is ready to release PKR Version 3.0.

Updated Client

PKR 3.0 is the newest version of the site’s award-winning poker client and will be released by the end of October. Announced last month, the client is set to bring better graphics, more avatar options, and general improvements to the user experience.

“While retaining all of the best bits of PKR that make the experience so unique, our development team has added a range of features and improvements to the in-game experience, lobby and avatar editor,” wrote PKR’s head of PR Dan Grant in a news post. “This update is designed to make your lives both easier and more exciting, and to cement our place at poker’s cutting edge…”

Revealed as a part of PKR’s 10th anniversary celebration, version 3.0 is expected to be the most substantial update to the software in the site’s history. PKR will use this update to bring the software in line with the changes taking place in the online poker industry. However, the site will still maintain the quality players have come to expect from it, according to the company.

Video Teaser

To celebrate the announcement, PKR released a new teaser video showing off some of the features expected in the updated client. “The game has changed, so have we,” states the teaser video. The detailed graphics and avatars are definitely the highlight of the video. Numerous environments and tables are available to players as they face off against fellow opponents.

From intimate settings with small tables to large tournament environments with multiple seats, players can enjoy virtual poker however they wish. The enhanced graphics of the Version 3.0 client gives players a long list of customization options for their avatars. Shirts, pants, costumes, eyewear and more can be bought and selected with PKR points to give players a personal touch for their avatars. A smarter interface will make navigating menus and various game options more intuitive than ever.

“Although we’ve further enhanced the graphics, this software release is about functionality – making our players’ lives easier, enabling them to get to the action more quickly and to get even more enjoyment from their experience,” said Grant. “It has been a while in the making but 3.0 is almost here and marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for PKR and our players.”

PKR in the Market

PKR just announced its decision to leave Italy‘s regulated online poker market. The decision was influenced by the market’s poor performance in the country. With online Italian poker not a viable option for PKR, the site will focus on other markets.

Despite the well-received software, PKR holds a relatively small amount of cash game players. Resting at an average of 300-350 players, the site is definitely stable for an independent online poker network. PKR focuses on the UK and also operates in the regulated French market.

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