Patrick Leonard to Shape New VIP Scheme from partypoker

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Partypoker is bucking industry trends again, this time with a new rakeback system that promises high volume players at least 50 percent cashback.

partypoker Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard will help to mold partypoker’s new cashback scheme into something players will appreciate. (Image: partypoker)

Following the launch of its “Cashback” scheme on May 23, partypoker is now giving VIP level players the chance to earn even more with the help of Patrick Leonard.

When he first agreed to represent partypoker back in April 2017, Leonard said that he wanted to use his position to help make partypoker the top site in the world and, more importantly, make it more player-friendly.

Leonard to Work For Players

“I’ve been propositioned by a few sites over the years as I’ve always been a vocal and visible figure in different poker communities, but I always refused to be a puppet boy, or to say what I’m told. I didn’t want to pick up a pay check whilst seeing my friends and colleagues get screwed over,” Leonard told the partypoker blog back in April.

With this in mind, Leonard is now “hosting” the Diamond Club, which will form top tier of partypoker’s Cashback Loyalty Program.

After consulting with Leonard and coming up with a way to reward players at the upper end of the spectrum, the Diamond Club was formed.

Harking back to days gone by where high volume players could pick up weekly cashback as well as bonuses, the new loyalty scheme will be a chance for Leonard to test partypoker’s willingness to work with players.

As Diamond Club host, Leonard will oversee the scheme and, importantly, interact with players to monitor its progress.

An Old System for a Modern Audience

Essentially acting as an intermediary between the community and partypoker, Leonard will help to mold the loyalty scheme of partypoker as a whole into something players want to see.

Although rakeback isn’t a new idea, it’s certainly one that’s fallen out of favor with the major sites in recent years.

With players becoming critical of changes made to other reward schemes, such as PokerStars’, in recent years, partypoker is clearly looking to carve out a niche in this area.

With the WSOP now underway, the top online players are unlikely to get full use out of Diamond Club over the next few weeks.

But with credits being earned on an annual basis, the coming months should give us an idea not only of how well the system is working, but whether players actually have any power to change things.

For now the initiative certainly looks as though partypoker is sticking to its new player-orientated development strategy.

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