Partypoker to Host $60 Million Guaranteed Powerfest Online Poker Series September 2-23, Will Compete With PokerStars WCOOP

August 19th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Partypoker is upping the ante with a Powerfest online poker series that guarantees at least $60 million in prize pool money will be awarded over 670 events from September 2-23, the same time as the popular World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) runs over at competitor PokerStars.

 Partypoker 2018 Powerfest

Partypoker is hosting a $60 million guaranteed Powerfest online poker series from Sept 2-23. (Image: Twitter)

The Powerfest series has a little something for everyone, whether you’re a high roller or a micro stakes grinder, with buy-ins ranging from $1.10 all the way up to $25,500.

This will be the ninth installment of the Powerfest and is set to become the largest poker series in Partypoker’s 17-year history.

Starting on August 23, Partypoker is giving its customers a chance to win a share of $50,000 worth of Powerfest tournament tickets. Players can earn free tournament tickets by putting in enough hours in cash games until the September 1st deadline.

Players can also earn entries into series events via satellites.

Seven-Figure Guarantees

The upcoming online poker extravaganza is highlighted by 20 championship events, 15 of which guarantee at least $1 million in prize money, including the $25,500 buy-in Super High Roller on September 20 that has a $3 million guarantee. The winner will receive at least $735,000.

Notable Championship Events (no-limit hold’em unless otherwise noted)

Sept 3, $5,200 Super High Roller ($1 million)

Sept 9, $1,050 High Roller ($1 million)

Sept 18, $10,300 6-Max PLO ($500,000)

Sept 18, $10,300 Super High Roller ($2 million)

Sept 20, $25,500 Super High Roller ($3 million)

Sept 23, $55 Medium Level ($250,000)

Sept 23, $1,050 High Roller ($1 million)

Competing Against PokerStars

Powerfest will have a tough competitor. PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, is running its popular World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) series at the same time (September 2-17), and is guaranteeing even more prize pool money than Partypoker.

WCOOP will award its players at least $70 million over 60 events, with buy-ins ranging from $2.20 to $25,000. The highlight of the series is the $5,200 Main Event that guarantees at least $1 million to the winner and a $10 million total prize pool.

PokerStars is also giving out seven Platinum Passes, good for a $25,000 seat in a PokerStars PCA tournament in the Bahamas in January and travel expenses, during the WCOOP series.

2018 WCOOP Key Events (guaranteed prize pool in parenthesis)

Sept 2, $2,100 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Max ($1 million)

Sept 2, $215 Sunday Million NLH ($1 million)

Sept 4, $10,300 NLH High Roller ($1 million)

Sept 5, $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller ($1 million)

Sept 6, $2,100 HORSE ($256,000)

Sept 8, $2,100 8-Game Mix ($250,000)

Sept 9, $5,200 NLH High Roller ($1 million)

Sept 9, $530 Sunday Warmup NLH ($750,000)

Sept 9, $109 Half-Price Sunday Million NLH ($1 million)

Sept 12, $25,000 8-Max High Roller NLH ($2 million)

Sept 14, $22 DeepStack NLH ($100,000)

Sept 16, $5,200 Main Event NLH ($10 million)

15 Responses to “Partypoker to Host $60 Million Guaranteed Powerfest Online Poker Series September 2-23, Will Compete With PokerStars WCOOP”

  1. makisaa says:

    Many millions to both popular sites! This is wonderful for poker! Great competition! In my country only Pokerstars is lisenced. I do not know why partypoker is not!!

  2. JonathanAReth says:

    Why do poker sites feel the need for direct competition like this? I know on the surface it sounds goo that there is competition out there, but think of it this way, if PartyPoker started theirs the week AFTER the WCOOP then not only would they get all the winners from WCOOP dumping money into their site, but it would also allow players to compete in both series without having to stretch themselves thin either monetarily or via multi-tabling. Running them side-by-side is a huge gamble and I’m not so sure they’re going to win it.

    • Andrew Popov says:

      Perhaps this is such an attempt to take care of the “poker ecology” – to force experienced regular players to choose and play somewhere in one series. Leaving more room for lovers. This will really make the field weaker, but it is obvious that there will simply be fewer participants in the tournaments.

      The good news is that perhaps the guarantees of the tournaments will not be covered by the paid BI.

  3. jmateuspoker says:

    This shows how poker sites are developing players field and how much sport that is also a good source of income is attractive and profitable the poker world only has to win with these healthy and interesting competition between two major poker sites.
    I am a pokerstars user, but there are more sites with good quality and competitiveness

    Live the poker !!!!


  4. lulu pk says:

    I do think that competition It’s a good thing and for my part I will for sure play some events at PartyPoker.

    For very long time PokerStars had almost the monopoly in online poker.

    They are still the poker site with the biggest field of players and the must big shedulle of MTT but I do think that Party do a great job and with time I’m sure that they will attract many more players.

    Every MTT player like the big gtd MTT and the poker series and with additional promotion and sat from 1c that Party are doing I’m sure that everyone have his chance to play.

  5. mackmasterss says:

    Partypoker is one of my favorite rooms, for the first time I am going to play freerolls to try to win a place in a tournament, I hope to get a good prize, I have seen that there are many satellites for this POWERFEST tone, I will be part of that $ 60,000,000 prize. I’ll be ready September 2 and 3 to earn money at Partypoker!

  6. sryulaw says:

    I received a call from him on the cell phone, informing me that I won a ticket to participate, I was absent from their room, now we will have to play there ne .. Satelite for free to win a dime if all goes well .. Thank you Partypoker .. good luck to those who will attend.

  7. joeisi says:

    Looks like a really good series by Party Poker I will definitely check it out and play a few events. I prefer WCOOP on Pokertsars though. I plan to play quite a few WCOOP events, mostly on the low level and mostly O8 events.

  8. Vorem says:

    The structure of tournaments at Party Poker I like much more than the PokerStars, it is more smooth. For myself, I chose several tournaments on this series with buy-in 3.3$

  9. CadoARAJ says:

    What a great event. Exact at my vacation on Caribbean sea. Maybe I can play on the late september events.
    I am interested in the following tourney: “Sept 23, $55 Medium Level ($250,000)” or other with this type of buy in, between 22$ and 109$.
    I will begin with satellites and try to catch my share at this event. Last week I got a 22$ ticket from sat, but I throw it away.
    I liked this competition against PokerStars. It is allways good a health competition and can make the game with bigger prizes with less people in battle for it.

  10. chicopaw says:

    i am going to try to satty to some at both site, Its interesting to have these big showcases doing battle against each other, Who fairs out on top, ??? I only wish i had a bigger bankroll to participate in a lotmore on both of these venues

  11. DiegoRamos says:

    I think technically the level of the PartyPoker tournaments are easier to play, without doubts are longer and tiring, but technically the chances of reaching a final stretch is much higher than in PS.

  12. Muzyka1996 says:

    Wow, it great! can’t wait this! Think will play some tournaments

  13. Rosxana13 says:

    This september is gonna be a great Time Poker Tourneys With this great Events in Party Poker Competing with Pokerstars WCOOP and also with 888Poker Championships I hope to make a nice cash on this events although I´m only playing on the Micro and Low entry tournaments but still a great chance to win and a great season for this sports wish you all GOOD LUCK! 😀

  14. jfmcd86 says:

    2 great Events!! but I can only afford to play in Microstakes 🙁 PowerFest it is!! Goodluck to everyone playing in these 2 fantastic events!

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