Partypoker Defends Decision to Protect Newbies from Evil HUDs

Partypoker has defended its recent software update following pressure from some sectors of the community.

Tom Waters Partypoker

Partypoker executive Tom Waters believes banning HUDs is necessary for the survival of online poker. (Image: Party Poker Live)

After a software update on June, during which the ability to store hand histories locally was removed, Partypoker reps have spoken out. Talking to Pokerfuse on June 21, Tom Waters and Rob Yong gave their take on the situation.

During the hour-long interview, the pair touched on several topics, including the recent hand history debate. By removing old hand histories and blocking new ones from being saved to a player’s computer, Partypoker has also rendered heads up display (HUD) software ineffective.

Update Crucial for Online Poker

While there has been outcry from some regulars, Waters believes the update was necessary for the site’s survival.

“People that can afford more sophisticated tools obviously get a greater edge, a new guy joining the site has no chance,” Waters told Pokerfuse.

Those who have honed their skills using tracking software argue this is a natural part of the game. In essence, it’s survival of the fittest and players who use all the available tools should be allowed to gain an edge.

However, Waters feels that this predatory attitude is costing Partypoker and online poker in general.

“The average lifespan of a new player on Partypoker and other sites is abysmal, I think most players are gone in a day. These guys come in, they get eaten alive and they leave because they had a poor experience,” continued Waters.

One thing the head of Partypoker also made clear was that hand histories weren’t being removed completely. Under the new system, players can access them for the last 90 days but they won’t be able to download the data.

Partypoker Swapping Evil Tools with Virtual Coach

In his words, downloading hand data feeds into “evil” tools such as HUDs.

Since the update, representatives said they’ve seen a positive reaction to the changes. However, a new, softer alternative to HUDs, is currently in beta testing.

Known as MyGame, the interactive coaching software will give provide Partypoker players with a recap of their time at the felt. From there, it will generate a “detailed report card” they can use to plug leaks in their game.

In essence, MyGame will serve as an internal alternative to third-party tracking software such as Hold’em Manager.

Despite the innovation, some regulars still aren’t convinced. As well as stability issues following the recent update, certain players believe there is a better way to tackle HUD usage.

“I don’t mind the no HUD thing, but come on, we got to have access to our hand histories for all the [security] reasons already stated. Even if it’s a few hours later to prevent HUD use, or some delayed access,” HiLo66 wrote on 2+2.

What’s clear is that Partypoker is set on making changes. However, with regulars seemingly unhappy, more discussions may be necessary.

Importantly though, Waters’ recent comments do show that this is a work in progress.

During the interview, he acknowledged that the latest update was a “gamble.” Therefore, Partypoker may be willing to compromise in certain areas.

Written by
Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.


Luvart wrote...

I like Partypoker’s decision to permanently ban HUDs.

I think I will probably switch to bwin to play NL Holdem, as I don’t use any HUD. No more Holdem cash games in Pokerstars, but I will continue to play other types of cash games. like Stud, Omaha Hi Lo, or 5 Card Draw because ypu can’t find tables on other platforms.

fundiver199 wrote...

This is just complete bullshit. Allowing players to download their hand histories has NOTHING AT ALL to do with HUDs. It is entirely possible for a poker site to not allow the use of HUDs during play but still allow players to download their hand histories. And sure this does give good players an advantage. But so does training sites and any other kind of software for off the table analysis including solvers or AI software. And obviously poker sites can not and should not control, what people do away from the tables. The fact of the matter is, PartyPoker is now an unsafe site to play on, so anyone playing for serious money should move their activity elsewhere.

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