Who are the Faces Behind the WSOP.com Screen Names?

You may not even realize when you’re facing a big name pro during the WSOP online poker series. That’s because only screen names are shown on the poker site. But we’ve compiled a lengthy list attaching the real names of familiar faces to their internet monikers.

WSOP online poker series

You may not notice it from this picture, but Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth are both seated at this table. (Image: WSOP.com)

The World Series of Poker is officially underway, although the series is quite different than the past 50 years. Due to COVID-19, the WSOP was moved to WSOP.com for 31 bracelet events, and 54 more on GGPoker until Sep. 6.

Organizers of poker’s most popular annual festival still hope for a live series in Las Vegas in the fall. But that’s all contingent on the continued spread of the coronavirus. For the time being, the poker community is focused on the face-less online poker series.

Online Poker Screen Names Revealed

If you happen to notice “philivey” is seated at your WSOP.com table, you aren’t facing Phil Ivey. Instead, your opponent is actually Ari Engel, who snagged the screen name. Daniel Negreanu’s moniker, however, is quite easy to figure out. DNegs is, predictably, “DNegs.”

Real NameWSOP.com Name
Ali Imsirovicsasukeuchiha
Andrew LichtenbergerWATCHGUY42
Andy Blochrkkrb
Ankush Mandaviarickrosstheb
Anthony Zinnoheheh
Ari Engelphilivey
Ben YuWhyIsGamora
Blake BohnCheeeetahGirl
Brad Owenmrmonkeybear
Brandon Shack-Harrispretty_noose
Brian AltmanJackBogle
Brian Rasttsarrast
Bryan Piccioli1_blue_i
Chance KornuthBingShui
Chip Jettzaack
Chris Fergusoncamdi
Chris MoormanRobotbob47
Connor Drinan666666
Cord GarciaBodogAri
Daniel NegreanuDnegs
Darren Eliasdarrenelias
David “Bakes” Bakeryounpitts
David Williamsdwpoker
Eric BaldwinCircleBall
Erica Lindgrenhuckcheevers
Gordon Vayovelleux
Jake Tooletooletime13
James Carrollmeatsweats
Jamie KerstetterDanBilzerian
Jarred JaffeDarrensRabbi
Jason Somervillehaderade
Jeff Plattmavsusc
Jeremy AusmusChipchecka
Jesse SylviaMrJesseJames
Joe McKeehenfanofdapoker
John Espositorainman3817
Joseph Cheongblueberry
Kathy LiebertLuckygal
Landon TiceActionDealer
Layne Flackscoop87
Maria Konnikovabluerat
Matt Berkeyberkey11_s4y
Matt StoutRubberFIst
Max PescatoriMaxSparrow
Mike DelvecchioTHICC
Mike Matusowmouth123
Nick SchulmancashUSklay
Norman Chadnormanchad
Olivier Busquettheseus
Phil HellmuthLumestackin
Ralph Perrysosana
Randy OhelStayAlive
Roland Israelashviliprngls12
Ryan Depaulojoeyisamush
Ryan Laplanteprotential
Ryan Riessbitc0in
Ryan TosocToosick
Shannon Shorraulophobia
Tim ReillyuNORTHOdox
Tony DunstPanoramic
Upeshka De Silvagomezhamburg

We’ll add to this list throughout the summer with more names as they begin to compete in the WSOP online poker  series.

Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


Superhansi wrote...

Thanks for the info, I weren’t aware og that 👍

Joshua Rahimi wrote...

Haha I didn’t know I knocked out Tony dunst

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