Neymar Playing Online Poker During Championship Soccer Match Fuels PSG Transfer Rumors

April 16th, 2018 by Daniel Smyth

Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. has been lambasted by Paris Saint-Germain fans after showing himself playing online poker during the team’s recent championship win.

Neymar Jr poker.

Neymar Jr. posted this pic of the action that mattered to him on Instagram as his teammates were on in the background. (Image: Instagram/NeymarJr)

Despite being sidelined with a cracked metatarsal, the PSG striker has been widely criticized for not being there in person to support his teammates as they beat Monaco 7-1.

As Angel Di Maria and the rest worked to secure victory over Monaco and clinch France’s Ligue 1 title on April 15, Neymar Jr. was in Brazil playing on PokerStars.

Soccer Plays Second Fiddle to Poker

As per his story timeline on Instagram, the sponsored poker enthusiast was playing two tournaments. Although unclear, the images captured by GFFN Match Zone appear to show Neymar Jr. playing the Sunday Million and a satellite to PokerStars’ $10 million guaranteed Sunday Million, which gets underway April 22.

In response to the images, a number of PSG fans lambasted the star player for showing a lack of commitment to the team.

“Neymar not at the Parc to celebrate his team’s (and employer’s) title because he’s playing poker,” Jeremy Smith tweeted. “I’d suggest the fact that this kind of thing is allowed to happen goes a long way to explaining their failure to progress in the Champions League.”

Poker-Faced about Transfer Rumors

When PSG acquired the Brazilian from Barcelona in August, the transaction broke the game’s transfer record. However, just a few months after the €222 million ($274 million) move, rumors started to circulate the Neymar Jr. was unhappy in France.

February reports by local media L’Equipe and Sport both suggested that he was already planning to leave the club at the end of the season. Although the man himself hasn’t spoken publicly about his thoughts on PSG, the latest incident only seems to support the rumors according to some.

“Shock prediction: he’ll ask to leave in the summer. Or before, probably,” reads the concluding line of an April 16 article by Le Buzz.

While it’s unlikely Neymar Jr. will struggle to find a club willing to take him, a deep run in the forthcoming anniversary Sunday Million would certainly give him a bundle of cash to fall back on.

13 Responses to “Neymar Playing Online Poker During Championship Soccer Match Fuels PSG Transfer Rumors”

  1. Luvart says:

    Everyone in the world, Neymar included, is completely free to do what they want at their spare time.

    If he likes poker, then he can play as much poker as he wants. He doesn’t take anyone else’s monies. Of course his acquisition from PSG was an utter failure and I think he is finished from the club. I don’t know which will be his next team, probably Real Madrid. We will see…..

  2. ebellari says:

    the guy cant play football he is injured, i dont see why its a problem to play poker and not go support you team in their game, may be real madrid is the cause lol who knows, may be we will see him next year playing with ronaldo

  3. No1eJoker says:

    GL to him, if he will play poker well as a fubal he could quickly win a couple of tournaments 😛

  4. Max Diver says:

    So he plays Poker for fun, big deal. He was sponsored by Poker Stars. He probably had really good coaching and does well on the tables and online.
    PSG did the worst and biggest investment of all Soccer history. 222 milions Euro for Neymar… If they can let him go already good for them !

  5. albosaltenio says:

    In these times, intimacy has been lost, and in large part because of our guilt.

    without realizing it, we have given our lives to social networks without knowing with what purposes it can be used by malignant people.
    I do not understand what is wrong with the player playing poker while following his teammates on TV,

    surely the manipulation to which we are exposed because of these means provoked the discomfort in the people who let themselves be carried away by these things

  6. Muzyka1996 says:

    I hope in the poker, he does not simulate 😀
    Maybe once time I see him on the me table in game

  7. makisaa says:

    This is nice news for poker and bad news for soccer! He is one of the best soccer players. He must show if he is a good poker player too, because in poker game you are on your own! Both poker and soccer are different kinds of fights!

  8. cubons says:

    Very interesting and brave move from Neymar. 🙂 I actually do not think that Neymar enjoys PSG, he would rather be with Messi and Suarez. 😉 By the way, a couple days back he posted a picture with FC Barcelona shorts, so there is a rumor that Neymar might go back to Barcelona in next season. 🙂

  9. es530 says:

    The crowd is right, he is part of a team and must be with the team giving support rm every moment. his injury is not serious in order to have absolute rest. he can play poker but he must not forget that he is a football pro and not a poker player.

  10. Rijckenborg says:

    For sure they are some down side to be famous. You are more exposed to all kind of judgment or rumor.
    Neymar Know what he do, who are we to decide what he should do or not?

  11. sergik1992 says:

    Best support from Neymar is his increadible game! So fans can keep calm)
    What are best achievments of Neymar in poker?

  12. Spns777 says:

    Good legs with good hands)))

  13. Navin Sarabjeet says:

    As my mother always say: DON’T PUSH YOUR NOSE IN OTHER MAN’S STORIES!!! lol

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