Mike Matusow, Feeling Confident, Looks for WSOP 2016 Backers

Mike Matusow is calmer, healthier, and more focused than ever before. All he needs now to take it to next level are backers for the upcoming World Series of Poker (WSOP), according to his Twitter account.

Mike Matusow WSOP 2016 backer

Mike Matusow seeks investors for WSOP 2016: have $100,000+ to spare? If so, Matusow wants to talk to you. (Image: WSOP.com)

The four-time WSOP bracelet winner has just over $9 million in live tournament earnings, and after spending some time away from the game to collect his thoughts, The Mouth is back and looking for glory this summer.

However, before Matusow can win his fifth bracelet he needs some backing from “a rich friend.”

How Do You Like Your Stake?

Staking, percentage swapping, and outright backing in tournament poker is nothing new, of course. But thanks to Matusow’s previous wins and status within the game, the recent tweets have caused something of a stir online.

His initial tweet called out to “any and all rich friends” for enough cash to see him through a summer of poker in the Rio. To boost his appeal, he confirmed that he is “hungry and healthy,” but many of his followers were quick to ask why he isn’t funding his own exploits.

A quick look as Matusow’s Hendon Mob profile shows that his last live tournament cash was for $7,784 in the 2014 WSOP $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo event. That meager result is barely enough to cover a fraction of Matusow’s WSOP’s buy-ins, as he’s likely to play many, if not all, of the championship events, as well as a healthy selection of smaller tournaments.

Backing Won’t Come Cheap

A quick look at the WSOP’s official schedule shows that there will be thirteen $10,000 buy-in events tis year, including the Main Event in July, which means Matusow could need as much as $130,000, and that’s before taking into account the high roller cash games and side events.

For any player looking to play a full schedule, the World Series can be an expensive time of year, so it’s little wonder that Matusow is looking for some financial assistance. However, one thing he has made clear is that it’s not a lack of talent that’s forced him to look for backers.

In his typically bombastic fashion, the American pro issued an open challenge to anyone who not only believes he stands no chance of winning a bracelet, but thinks they’ll last longer in any tournament in which they both play.

“. . . [To] all doubters I’ll last longer or cross book any tourney we both play together #confident,” tweeted Matusow.

As surprised as some were to see a four-time bracelet winner asking for backing, it’s certainly not uncommon. In fact, another former champion, Greg Raymer, is also looking for some help this summer.

In a tweet sent out on May 16, Raymer explained that he is selling action in seven events at this year’s Series. Organized through YouStake.com, the packages allow potential investors to review Raymer’s stats and buy a piece of his action, starting from as little as $20.

Whether or not Matusow or Raymer will win a bracelet in 2016 remains to be seen, but assuming they can get the backing they need, they’ll certainly provide some fun and entertainment for the masses at the very least this summer.

Daniel Smyth
Written by
Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.


eberetta1 wrote...

Am I the only one to see, it is pretty bad when someone has won nine million and still does not have enough funds to enter tournaments without a backer. Do the rest of us schmucks even have a chance profiting in the game of poker?

Scourrge wrote...

Most big name “tournament pros” ran extremely hot to have the earnings they did, and are not a favorite to continue at the same rate that they did 5-10 years ago. Plus a ton of them might actually be huge favorites but have other life leaks like dumping off in the pits, drugs, prostitution, etc. Those are expensive habits.

Also having 9M in earnings does NOT mean 9M in profit. Most of these big name guys play 10k’s, 25k’s, and sometimes 100k events. If they are bricking those regularly in addition to sometimes cashing, it’s easy to see how 9M in earnings is a kind of meaningless statistic and doesn’t tell you how good someone is or what their current financial state is.

jaymfc wrote...

although I did read scourrges comment below and agree with what he’s saying, your post were my exact thoughts !
if Mike “the famous mouth” Matusow don’t have a 130k to piss away then us regular schmucks haven’t even got a dream.
Helmuth is always bragging about helping Matusow and mike usually says he don’t do crap, so will be interesting to see who does help.
not a bad investment no matter how you look at it IMO . but definitely disheartening .

jaymfc wrote...

lol that there’s no way to delete or edit comments . that was supposed to go under eberettas and only once of course 🙂

jaymfc wrote...

mine was supposed to go under eberettas 🙂 (well in my mind )

ThatGuy wrote...


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