Poker Becomes 10X Better for Marty Mathis After Partypoker Live Millions Win

March 26th, 2019 by Daniel Smyth

Marty Mathis has bettered his previous best cash by 10X after winning Partypoker Live Millions South America.

Marty Mathis Partypoker Live Millions

Marty Mathis has banked a career-high win by winning the Partypoker Live Millions South America main event. (Image: Partypoker/Flickr)

Sitting down inside Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Palace Hotel for the latest Partypoker Live Millions event, Mathis faced a tough test. Despite being active for over a decade, the American’s top live cash was $87,500.

However, despite being surrounded by top pros such as Manig Loeser, Mathis came through the 439-player field to clinch a career-high win.

Chips Fly as Players Chase Partypoker Live Millions Money

As the action got underway on March 18, the bets started to fly in the latest $10,300 Partypoker Live Millions event. With an overlay of $610,000, everyone was eager to get a good start.

With bets and bluffs flying in all directions, it wasn’t long before eight hopefuls were left. Even though the final day was just a few rounds away, the remaining players didn’t let up.

Finding the right cards at the right time, Matas Cimbolas assumed the role of executioner. After his pocket kings dispatched with Andre Busato, the WPT champion ousted Michael Sklenicka just a few hands later.

Thanks to Cimbolas and his ace-high, Day 5 got underway on March 24 with just six players. Leading the way was Bruno Volkmann but things quickly opened up after short stacked Caio Hey hit the rail.

Looking for an opening, the Brazilian moved all-in with pocket deuces but ran into Samuel Gagnon’s sevens. A third seven on the flop put the final nail in Hey’s coffin and opened the elimination floodgates.

Jacks Give Mathis Momentum

Within a few rounds it was Mathis’ turn to take control. Moving all-in over the top of Bruno Volkmann’s raise, the eventual winner found a willing caller in Cimbolas.

As Volkmann stepped aside, Mathis showed pocket jacks and remained ahead of his opponent’s tens to clinch a vital pot.

With the chips and momentum on his side, the American joined Cimbolas in a two-man wrecking mission. Taking out Vlada Stojanovic and Samuel Gagnon, the duo put themselves in a strong position with three to go.

However, with Volkmann still a threat, a deal was struck. Dividing up the prizepool, Volkmann secured $687,100 while Mathis banked $661,700.

Completing the deal, Cimbolas locked up $559,200, leaving $212,000 to play for.

With a certain amount of pressure off, Mathis seized control by eliminating Cimbolas in third. Sensing a career-defining win was close, the long-time grinder sat on his chip lead.

Eventually, after three hours of back-and-forth action, Mathis sealed the deal. Calling Volkmann’s all-in, only a deuce would have kept the match alive.

Fortunately for Mathis, that duck didn’t quack (see video above). With that, he joined previous Partypoker Live Millions champions like Ioannis Angelou-Konstas and scooped the biggest win of his career.

Partypoker Live Millions South America Main Event Result

  1. Martin Mathis – $873,700*
  2. Bruno Volkmann – $687,100*
  3. Matas Cimbolas – $559,200*
  4. Samuel Gagnon – $370,000
  5. Vlada Stojanovic – $300,000
  6. Caio Hey – $250,000

*Denotes a deal.

Talking after the event, the American said he’d been waiting for a win like this for 12 years. Close to tears, he thanked his family and friends, saying it was their energy that helped him get it done.

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  1. Andrew Popov says:

    Is there a statistics on the change in the number of participants in such events? 439 rivals – is it a lot or a little? More or less than usual in such tournaments?

  2. vasya1 says:

    я тоже хочу такой куш сорвать )))

  3. gardin555 says:

    I saw the tournament and I really liked the final table, was well played, with patience and a some of luck in crucial hands. Deserved victory, congrats Marty Mathis !

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