City of Lights: How Do Slot Machines Impact the Environment?

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Las Vegas is a destination famous for its bright lights. It’s estimated that there are roughly 200,000 slot machines in Vegas, which certainly contributes to its famous 24/7 glow.

But have you ever wondered how all those games impact the environment? We have, and discovered that the city’s slots, combined, can contribute up to 540 metric tons of CO2 emissions every day. With that kind of emission, is it any surprise that the Las Vegas valley ranks among the top 50 most polluted cities in the US?

How do slot machines impact the environment

Jackpot Energy

Check out our infographics to find out more about how much energy Vegas eats up with its slot games — and how powering the city compares with other energy-dependent activities.

Vegas slots energy usage

It’s interesting to note how much energy is needed to power slots when they’re idle. That’s a fair chunk of wasted electricity. But, if you’re anything like us, it’s easier to get your head around the figures when you can imagine what 24 hours’ worth of slots power is equal to …

What is 24 hours of slot machine energy equal to?

If you’re more money-minded, it’s also worth pondering whether the moolah that slot machines bring in is worth how much it costs to run them in the first place.

How much does it cost Vegas to run slots?

That’s a lot of cash, and it got our researchers thinking about what 24 hours’ worth of slot machine energy can power out in the real world too. The results are pretty interesting …

What else could we use slot machines energy for?

Being able to power a whole country with just 24 hours of Vegas’ slot machine energy really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? We’re off to lie down and rest our heads.

You’ve Got the Power

As you can see from our infographics, Las Vegas’s slot machines are pretty pricey to run and far from environmentally friendly.

But what can be done? Lockdown has given the environment a boost, with gamblers taking a break and many casinos temporarily closing their doors. From February to March 2020 alone, Las Vegas saw a 33% decrease in small particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in its atmosphere.

So, there’s hope yet that a balance can be struck between casino fun and preserving Las Vegas’ environment for future generations. Other potential solutions include “power save modes” being made a legal requirement for all machines. Stay tuned to see how Vegas adapts to increasing eco-challenges.


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