Holiday Gift Ideas for Poker Players During a Global Health Pandemic

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Looking for some interesting holiday gift ideas for the poker player in your life during these strange times? Perhaps, we can make your holiday shopping a bit easier.

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You’ll need some creative holiday gift ideas this year for poker players. (Image:

The coronavirus has changed the way we all live in 2020. Due to COVID-19, many families won’t spend time together during the holiday season. While some will most certainly ignore the CDC’s request to avoid those who are outside your own home, the vast majority of people will likely refrain from private gatherings, even during the Christmas season.

You’ll need to get a bit creative this year to keep your poker-playing friends and family members happy. Think outside the box. Or, just steal our holiday gift ideas.

Basic Holiday Gift Ideas for Online Poker Players in 2020

With many live grinders now shifting their focus to online play due to COVID-19, your gift-giving plans should involve something related to online poker. Sure, you can gift someone a bankroll, but that’s kind of a boring gift. Here are some more creative recommendations.

Given that COVID-19 has led to an increase in online poker play, you should consider buying your loved one a comfortable chair. It’s imperative for an online poker grinder to be comfortable while playing. So, how’s about purchasing one of the top 10 gaming chairs?

Some gaming chairs can be quite pricy, but there are many quality chairs that run for under $100. Don’t forget everything else that goes with creating a comfortable setting for an online poker player (computer, mouse, desk, etc.).

Another suggestion, and this has nothing to do with playing poker, is a food subscription service. This type of gift encourages healthy eating without hassle, and the better you eat, the better you’ll play. Esquire ranked the top 17 food subscription services for 2020, and the article will give you a pretty good idea on where to buy from.

Due to COVID-19, many restaurants are closed and indoor dining isn’t considered safe, per the CDC. So, get that online poker player in your life a gift that ensures they’ll eat healthy even if they aren’t as skilled at cooking as they are at trapping donks.

Gifts for those Who Still Play Live Poker

Many poker rooms around the country remain closed, but your poker-playing loved one still might prefer playing live. More specifically, home games. What home game is legit without a slick poker table? Amazon has a number of quality poker tables you can purchase today and have in time to deliver to your friend before Christmas.

Given that we’re in a global health pandemic, home game players should all wear face masks. And that brings us to our next gift idea — face masks (duh). Since we’re talking about gifts for poker players here, Etsy has a plethora of creative, gambling-related face masks for sale.

Finally, our list of holiday gift ideas for poker players in 2020 wraps up with a vacation in Las Vegas that can’t be used until the pandemic has cleared. Sin City isn’t as much fun these days, and many of the poker rooms are still closed or are operating at half (or less) than normal capacity.

Right now, Vegas is a wasted vacation, but better days are ahead. Save the trip for next summer when, cross your fingers, the 2021 World Series of Poker takes place. You can’t beat summer in Las Vegas if you’re a poker player, and right now just isn’t the time to visit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t gift someone a future trip to the poker capital of the world.

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