Full Tilt Poker Crowns First Black Card Team Pros

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Full Tilt Poker Crowns First Black Card Team Pros
After six months of competition, twelve players will have earned their place as Full Tilt Poker’s Black Card Team Professionals.
Poker websites often have many programs in place for those who play and spend frequently. But aside from VIP statuses and different tiers of rewards, it isn’t too easy for a player to rise through the ranks and achieve a “pro” status. With the Black Card program, Full Tilt Poker has introduced a way to recognize the best of the best. After six months of competition, Full Tilt’s Black Card Sponsorship program has reached its end, and with it comes their first group of Black Card Team Pros.

The Black Card Elite Twelve

Twelve players will soon have their names highlighted in red after months of climbing and topping the leaderboards. New members of the Black Card Team contested for the spot between July 1 and December 31 of 2013. The elite status was rewarded based on their standing in one of twelve Full Tilt Poker leaderboards for that time period. These leaderboards were for various cash games and stakes, sit and go’s and multi-table tournaments. Winners of each leaderboard were automatically chosen to receive the Black Card Pro status.

The first Pro to earn the Professional status was “betong”, the FTOPS Leaderboard winner from late in the year. Betong finished the series with a 147 point advantage over second place and will defend his title at FTOPS XXV. The list of categories and respective winners can be seen below:

1. XAPJIAMOB – SNG (All stakes)
2. Jasonc6 – Heads Up SNG (All Stakes)
3. Silent_0ne69 – MTT (All)
4. betong – FTOPS
5. Triviani20 – NL/PL Hold’em High (Above $1/$2)
6. MadSickoHead – PL Omaha Low (Up to $1/$2)
7. feliceko – PL Omaha High (Above $1/$2)
8. stronghawk – Other Ring Games (All Stakes)
9. moos29 – Heads-Up Ring (All Stakes)
10. Trickshot625 – Rush Rings Low (Up to $0.50/$1)
11. PlayinWitDreams – Rush Rings High (Above $0.50/$1)

The twelfth player for the Mini FTOPS leaderboard has not yet been determined as that will conclude on January 19.

Pro Rewards

The new Black Card Team Pros will receive some rewards in addition to their highly-visible red names displayed at Full Tilt tables. Players are able to choose between $20,000 worth of MiniFTOPS and FTOPS buy-ins or a clearable Full Tilt Points bonus worth $20,000. During their tenure as Black Card Pros, the players will also get 100 percent cashback during the six month period.

Fight for Sponsorship

The twelve Black Card Pros won’t be able to rest on their laurels for long. Competition for the next round of pros has already begun on Full Tilt Poker. Running from January until April, the current pros will have to do the best they can to fend off other players and hold their top status. The method and leaderboards used for the previous round of the Black Card Sponsorship program will be implemented. This way, competition to rise among the ranks will always be exciting to follow, as anyone has a chance to become a new pro.

To try out for the Black Card Pro sponsorship program, players will need to opt in to the Monthly Edge Leaderboards. Those who compete for a contract in the program will earn double Full Tilt Points during their play. More information about the program is available at Full Tilt’s website.

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