FTOPS XXIV Kicks Off at Full Tilt Poker

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Full Tilt Poker’s signature tournament event, the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) kicked off its fourteenth incarnation on Sunday. The series of 39 tournaments started up on November 24 and concludes on December 8, 2013. The popular MiniFTOPS XXIV series will start up after the new year on January 5 and conclude on January 19.


Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS XXIV will feature 39 events with a total guaranteed prize pool of $8 million. The series features a wide breadth of tournament types, ranging from various games and buy-in amounts. There are also a number of re-entry tournaments as well as multi-entry events which will give players the chance to register for the same tournament multiple times.

There are two huge events taking place during the series. The biggest should be the FTOPS XXIV Main Event which will start on Sunday, December 8 at 13:30 ET. The tournament will have a $600+$35 buy-in and be a standard No-Limit Hold’em event. If players get knocked out while late registration is available, they can re-enter. The prize pool on this tournament is a whopping $1.5 million. The second seven-figure event will be the FTOPS XXIV Two-Day Event which features a unique structure and one million dollars, guaranteed. The FTOPS XXIV Two-Day Event starts up on Saturday, December 7 at 11:00ET and is also a re-entry event.

Fun Prizes

As usual, Full Tilt Poker is giving away some goodies to go along with some lucrative paydays. Everyone who makes a final table in any event during the series will receive a limited-edition FTOPS jacket. Any player that wins an event also gets the jacket, along with a gold FTOPS jersey as well as a gold-jersey avatar to use on the site. Finally, for the player that finished on top of the FTOPS XXIV Leaderboard, they will receive a custom avatar and a six-month Black Card Pro sponsorship contract (100% cash back and the choice of a $20k bonus or $20,000 in FTOPS/MiniFTOPS buy-ins).

Freeroll for Bubble Boys

While it might not be a traditional freeroll, there is some solace for those that bubble any tournament during FTOPS XXIV. If you happen to be the last player eliminated before the money during any event, you will win entry into an exclusive “Bouncebackability” freeroll where a buy-in to the FTOPS XXV Main Event can be won. This unique freeroll takes place on Saturday, December 14.

Big Events on the Schedule

Aside from the aforementioned seven-figured prize pool tournaments, there are other huge events to take place during FTOPS XXIV. Taking place today, there is a $100k Guaranteed $200+$15 NLHE Rush tournament and tomorrow there is a $200k Guarantee $100+$9 NLHE Turbo Multi-Entry event. There’s a quarter-million dollars up for grabs in Event #10, a $300+$20 NLHE Re-buy tournament and a full half million dollars guaranteed for Event #16, a $1,000+$50 NLHE Re-entry tournament.

Event #19 has a $400,000 prize pool and will be an affordable $120+$9 NLHE Knockout Multi-Entry event. The same day, December 1, will also feature a $300+$20 NLHE Re-entry tournament that will have a massive $600,000 prize pool guarantee.

Between those tournaments and Event #35 (the Two-Day Event) there are four other six-figure guaranteed prize pool tournaments. During the last two days of FTOPS XXIV, there are five events, starting off with Event #35, the $2,000+$100 NLHE Re-entry tournament with a million dollars guaranteed. After that, Event #36 will take place, which is a $200+$15 Omaha Hi/Lo tournament with a modest $30,000 prize pool. The last event to start on Saturday will be Event #37, a $100+$9 NLHE Rush Re-buy tournament that has a $200,000 prize pool.

FTOPS XXIV will conclude on Sunday with two events. First, Event #38 will start, which is a $240+$15 NLHE 6-Max Knockout Re-entry tournament that will have a half million dollars as a guaranteed prize pool. Then, the Main Event will start and have $1.5 million guaranteed.

Satellites Running

On the official FTOPS section of the Full Tilt Poker site, players can find the official tournament schedule. Next to every event is a link to “View Current Satellites” so players can attempt to win their way into some of these events.

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