Fabian Quoss Denies Ole Schemion 2nd Win at EPT Grand Final €50K

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Ole Schemion’s rich vein of form continued into the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller last night, but his hopes of back-to-back high roller wins were ultimately cut short by fellow countryman Fabian Quoss.

Fabien Quoss wins EPT Super High Roller
Germany’s Fabien Quoss poses with the A-Q he used to swat fellow countryman Ole Schemion’s hopes of back-to-back EPT High Roller titles. Schemion got to show him the big money, though. (Image: PokerStars.com /Neil Stoddart)

Or were they? Schemion may not be holding the trophy right now, but he held a chip lead going into this all-German final, and that was enough for him to negotiate a higher payout than the eventual victor, as the pair agreed to a chop.

Quoss and Schemion had some time to fashion out the finer points of a deal. The two players began their heads-up encounter at just before 5 am on Monday morning. No winner was declared by the 5:30am cut-off point and so the table broke, to reconvene on Monday evening.

As they met for Round 2, Schemion, with 8.77 million in chips to Quoss’s 5.23 million, had the leverage and agreed to take home €857,241 ($988,485) to Quoss’ €799,059 ($921,395). Meanwhile, €50,000 ($57,655) would remain on the table to play for.

Bad Deal for Quoss

Quoss must have been kicking himself when he doubled through his opponent after just ten hands, vaulting himself into the lead in the process, although them’s the breaks, we guess.

With blinds at 150,000/300,000 and a 40,000 ante, and stacks at about 9 million to 5 million in Schemion’s favor, Quoss limped on the button with A♠7♥ and Schemion shoved over the top with K♠3♠. Quoss made the call and the board ran out T♥A♥T♠3♦K♥. Suddenly it was game on.

As the blinds rose to 200,000/400,000, Quoss took another pot from his opponent, and Schemion was now under pressure with just under 5 million, or around 12.5 big blinds. Picking up K♣5♣ on the button, he open shoved. Quoss snapped from the big blind with A♦Q♠.

An ace and a queen on the board sealed the deal and the two Germans stood and embraced.

Nice Work If You Can Get It

It’s been an extraordinary run here in Monaco for Schemion, who adds the $988,485 he picked up at this event to the $1.8 million he won on Saturday at the €100k high-roller ($115,310), plus the $20,500 bonus he took from the €10k high roller last week.

For Quoss, it’s his first live score since his electric performance at the Aussie Millions in January, where he won the $100,000 Challenge Event for just over $1 million in good old-fashioned American money, before finishing fourth in the $250,000 Challenge for just under $1 million as well.

Meanwhile, the EPT Grand Final Main Event is in full swing and will crown a champion by Friday night.

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