Dual DDoS Attacks Force Partypoker to Cancel Tournaments, Americas Cardroom Mocks Them

August 10th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Partypoker suffered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on its server last Saturday and then again Thursday evening, causing the poker site to cancel some tournaments already in progress, while US-facing poker site Americas Cardroom, a site that has been hit with many DDoS attacks in recent months, gloated over its competitor’s troubles.

Partypoker under DDOS attack

Partypoker was hit with its second DDoS attack this week, causing in-progress tournaments to be cancelled, and competing unregulated poker site Americas Cardroom to make hay over their misfortune. (Image: Americas Card Room/Twitter)

A DDoS attack is an attempt by a cybercriminal to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming the server with traffic from multiple sources. Banks and news websites are common targets of these attackers.

In the case of a poker site under DDoS attack, players are unable to log into the software and those already logged in get kicked out of in-progress games. This is especially frustrating to players in the middle of a tournament as the site is often forced to cancel the tournament and later refund the buy-in.

Attacked by Internet Thugs

Partypoker suffered its first DDoS attack on Saturday and then was hit again Thursday evening. The poker site quickly acknowledged the problem and informed its customers on Twitter.

Understandably, many customers expressed frustration with the DDoS attack on Partypoker’s Twitter page.

The issues were resolved within a few hours and new games began, although tournaments in-progress during the DDoS attack were subsequently cancelled and buy-ins refunded. But the poker site reported additional technical difficulties on Friday morning as some customers were frozen out of their accounts. It is unclear Friday’s issues were related to the previous DDoS attacks.

Partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters apologized to his customers for the downtime.

“The unfortunate events of August 9 were understandably frustrating for our players. After consideration, the decision was taken to pause and then subsequently cancel all affected tournaments,” Waters said in a blog post. “Our team worked hard to try to resolve the key issues. As poker players ourselves, we fully understand how frustrating it can be when an online poker room suffers technical issues, and we fully appreciate the considerable patience and understanding shown by our players in light of these difficulties.”

Former DDoS Victim Taunts 

No poker site knows more about what it’s like to be hit with a DDoS attack than Americas Cardroom. The US-facing site has been hit by numerous DDoS attacks in recent years but that didn’t stop the company from taking a shot at Partypoker, perhaps to show that this can happen to any website.

“US regulated poker sites are not exempt from DDOS attacks,” @ACR_Poker tweeted with the above image conveying Partypoker’s current misfortune that they once shared.

Poker podcaster Joe Ingram, who has accused ACR of being an unsafe poker site many times in the past, responded to ACR’s post with the comment, “you guys are complete jokes.”

Apparently, Papi doesn’t think it’s acceptable for a poker site, especially one that has its own problems, to comment when another poker site is hit with a DDoS attack.

27 Responses to “Dual DDoS Attacks Force Partypoker to Cancel Tournaments, Americas Cardroom Mocks Them”

  1. chicopaw says:

    WOW What times are we having in the online Poker world,, Acr has had a multitude of DDOS attacks, and keep fighting back, Now Party seems to be getting these same ones. Who is going to be the site???,..I still think it’s a conspiracy from the top major players in the ongoing poker world to be on top .. discourging many new to be frightened of joining a site worrying if they will lose ther deposits ,and info

    • Jkendrick888 says:

      I doubt it’s the top players in the world. Why on earth would they want to discourage new players??? They want the new blood on the field. Not having new players join the game is bad for everyone in poker, especially the pros.

  2. darthdimsky says:

    A little bit of empathy from ACR would’ve worked a long way. Wasted opportunity for good PR.

  3. Navin Sarabjeet says:

    ACR is really a big joke
    Instead of sympathizing with partypoker, because they know how it feels.
    They make jokes about it.

    Silly little children.

    Grow up guys

  4. grilldoggy says:

    The better part of valor is discretion.

  5. chicopaw says:

    its not a sad joke it is happening, whether its 1 or 2 or more, yes i wud say things too when being bashed and told to upgrade , well we now know its more then 1 site getting abused , sad for all these sites

  6. Splice says:

    Very disappointed in the immature response from ACR, so childish and squarely positions them as the “want to be” player in the market!

  7. Jayplay916 says:

    You know i dont think that refunds are enough. Poker sites should pay out every player the amount of money the would of recieved if that player were to eliminated from the tournament at the point of the DDoS attack kicked that player from the site. For instance you by into a tournament lets say 5000 gtd and your first and there are only 2 players left. Thats alot of work for nothing. Secure your sites big poker you have enough money.

  8. mackmasterss says:

    Actually I think that Partypoker has a good system to avoid these attacks, on Friday I was playing a tournament and the tournament was paralyzed,
    I thought it was the signal from my internet, then I read that they were under attack,
    but I saw that they quickly resumed the tournaments and everything back to normal

  9. acidburnfx says:

    This kind of behavior is part of it. The site mocks and at the same time promotes the other. In the end, everyone wins, because they are there for the same purpose, right? If i’m wrong, someone corrects me.

  10. skaterick says:

    ACR responded just like trump would , attack attack attack . as others have said ‘ childish ‘

  11. terryk says:

    A bump in the road for Partypoker,,,,still the best site out there! And ACR knows it.

  12. skaterick says:

    I am having trouble now in a Pokerstars home game tourney . Have they had any issues ?

  13. timberwolf94 says:

    Well I know that it sucks. I’ve been playing on ACR for a long time now and I’m glad to see it’s not just their site getting hit. I don’t like the way they reacted but I can see why they did. I think it’s kinda funny, almost like watching kids argue. Lol

  14. Zorba says:

    I had a chuckle at the headline, but it’s no laughing matter if these attacks continue, something needs to be done and soon.

  15. hugh blair says:

    all these loss of connections are leaving players and the sites out of pocket they suck whoever is causing them.

  16. Vorem says:

    Yesterday, exactly such an attack was on PokerStars. Today, too, but it was quickly eliminated.

  17. icnbe56 says:

    Party Poker and ACR weren’t the only ones hit , BCP – and when I emailed them at the beginning of last week they were trying to tell me it was My pc !!! and my internet ! I don’t think so !
    Now if anyone has noticed this morning – Poker Stars has allll their games registrations closed , and there is a box when you login saying they have connection issues .
    I was logged out of the games yesterday – so the Kick Off game was paused – then cancelled . What fun.
    Yes – Poker Stars returns buy ins and even pays out for the remaining players if a game is stopped .

  18. Dailon Arroyo Blandon says:

    Lately these attacks have become more recurrent in the last days in different poker rooms … it is very distressing that you are playing and suddenly these attacks arrive and the tournament in which one is playing is suspended … I think the sites of poker should prepare better to avoid these unpleasant situations ..!

  19. vovqa93 says:

    Yes and yesterday something was at PokerStars. My lobby just crashed and was not enable to re-login. Looks like alot of different new-rooms are trying to compete with poker-giants? Or who else can do that attacks?

  20. fa1920 says:

    And now it seems that the same thing is happening in pokerstars, 2 days in a row with crashes in the system and I’ve been cruelly hurt in several aspects unfortunately, from going first in chips in very well paid freeroll tournaments to not returning me buy-in of some tournaments

  21. Doug McFarlane says:

    I regret one poker site gloated over the misfortune of another. Those DDoS attacks caused Partypoker to cancel tournaments in progress and created inconveniences to its clients. Americas Cardroom should explain its smugness about a competitor’s victimization by criminal elements. The image of bombs falling upon Partypoker’s servers is repugnant and perverse. It seems to carry an implication of support by Americas Cardroom for criminal, and criminally violent, activities. With never-ending cyber attacks upon industries and individuals, Americas Cardroom should join those who want to end this illegal behavior.

  22. step055 says:

    I think that such attacks can happen to any site and we should not put a blame on anyone but on those who make this attack. Of course this situation leads to disappointment among players especially if it happens while we are playing a tournament and are close to win the game. What poker sites should do is to improve their defense from these situation and give some bonuses to players who were participating in the tournament when this attack happened

  23. jmateuspoker says:

    Here in Brazil we also had the same problems I use poker stars and we suffer with it is a shame that these things are happening because the game of poker when interrupted mainly disrupts who is well in these tournaments

  24. Rijckenborg says:

    Who knows if all of those DDOS is not a war between the poker room directly.
    Anyway, I can not believe that poker room doesn’t make enough cash to hire a good technician to prevent them from any kind of attack.
    What they do with our cash?

  25. guicor30 says:

    The DDOS attacks are attacks that any website can suffer, as the article says it is enough to increase the traffic and that’s it.

    But I agree with you in rewarding the players who were winning the tournament; although how to do it? is the problem. Maybe distributing the well in the order in which the players were left when they were disconnected; but not all would agree.

    Another idea is to reward as did pokerstars; but only the players who were playing at that moment and were affected by the DDOS attack.

    Regarding ACR and its comment, I do not think.

  26. RedGnom says:

    I am pretty sure about PP will put a lot of efforts to avoid such interrupting in the future. They have choosen a hard way to compete with PS that’s why they will do all possible to secure the integrity of their platform and network. Goof luck!

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