Chris Moneymaker to Kick Off Global Poker League as First Team Manager

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Global Poker League Chris Moneymaker
The Global Poker League announced Chris Moneymaker will manage the league’s first team. (Image: PokerNews)

Chris Moneymaker may not make headlines like he used to, but a new direction for the World Series of Poker Main Event champ should get a good bit of attention for the retired accountant.

Moneymaker has been announced as the first-ever team manager for the Global Poker League (GPL) by the concept’s creator, Alex Dreyfus.

The league is set to kick off its first season next month.

Chris Moneymaker, he of 2003 World Series of Poker championship fame, will manage the Las Vegas Moneymakers.

The PokerStars Team Pro and Hollywood Poker Open ambassador was an early supporter of the Global Poker League.

“Chris was the first to engage with us,” Dreyfus said on Twitter, referring to Moneymaker publicly advocating for the league during the planning stages.

What will Moneymaker and other managers’ roles be?

“The manager is the soul, the spirit, the color of the team,” Dreyfus told CardsChat exclusively. “He is the one drafting the team. He is no coach, but he is leading the team.”

The first-ever GPL draft will be held next month. Dreyfus said Moneymaker could draft himself to play on his team if he so chooses. Managers of the remaining 11 teams will have the same option.

Dreyfus intentionally announced Moneymaker and his team first because the former WSOP champ was one of the early pros to get behind his league concept. He said the other team managers will likely be announced by the end of next week.

Why Moneymaker?

Chris Moneymaker, of course, is largely considered the starting point for the 2003 poker boom, even having an “effect” named after him, like Oprah, for his causal part in the energy that hit the poker world after his win.

Moneymaker is a big name in the poker world, something a brand new league such as the GPL needs to grow. Dreyfus, the man behind the Global Poker Index poker player ranking system, will attempt to change the game of poker, or “sportify” it, as he says.

Vince McMahon, the owner of the WWE, attempted to do something similar with the game of football in 2001. McMahon created the XFL, a more violent league than the NFL. Unfortunately, for him, the XFL didn’t survive, lasting only one season.

Dreyfus’s attempt to change the game of poker may or may not be successful. That remains to be seen. But getting a popular player such as Chris Moneymaker on board is seen as a positive by most. The XFL was unable to attract any big name players to the league.

About The Global Poker League

The purpose of the Global Poker League is to help grow the game of poker. Dreyfus has been adamant that poker needs to change and adapt to the times, which is what he’s trying to do with the GPL.

The league will feature 12 teams, with a roster of players to be named later in 12 different cities, Las Vegas being the first one announced. Teams will compete against each other over the course of 14 weeks in a stadium-like setting called “The Cube.”

Dreyfus has yet to announce any television deals, but told CardsChat in December he believes the league will begin on a digital platform. Although he didn’t say discussions with Poker Central are in the works, he did agree the 24/7 poker network would be a viable option.

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