British Poker Player Recounts EPT Malta Theft

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A British poker pro has explained how he had almost $1,000 stolen from his hotel room at EPT Malta.
Player has cash stolen at EPT Malta. (Image:

The European Poker Tour (EPT) often features some of the richest grinders in the world staying at some of the plushest hotels on the continent and that combination of cultures has left one player almost €1,000 ($1,097) worse off after an alleged theft.

During the recent EPT event in Malta, a string of pros took advantage of the Hilton Hotel’s proximity to the local casino.

However, one resident was left regretting his decision after a stack of cash went missing from his room.

High Stakes, Low Security

Outlining his ordeal on 2+2, the British pro who goes by the online handle OurSurveySays explained how he used EPT Travel to book a room for the Maltese festival.

However, despite paying €250 ($275) per night and premium prices for food, drink and entertainment, he was left frustrated at how his valuables weren’t taken care of properly.

According to his account of the situation, the player had asked for his room not to be cleaned but after he returned later that day the room had been cleaned and some of his money gone. Stating that the amount missing was just under €1,000 ($1,097), OurSurveySays immediately tried to contact the hotel’s security manager.

After numerous attempts to get a resolution from members of the hotel’s reception, the players eventually made contact with the security manager who he described as having a “really bad attitude” and someone that had “been on holiday that week.”

Feeling like he wasn’t getting anywhere, OurSurveySays eventually contacted EPT Travel who arranged another meeting with the security manager.

Unfortunately, at this point, the cleaners denied taking the money and the manager explained that there was nothing else he could do other than direct the player to the local authorities.

Historic Problems with EPT Hotels

For those with long memories, this incident isn’t the first time a player has run into trouble at an EPT event. Back in 2013, Jens Kyllonen had his laptop stolen and then returned in a bizarre series of events which caused outrage among the poker community.

At the time, Kyllonen was one of the hottest high stakes players in the world and many suspected someone had planted spyware on his laptop in order to defraud him when he played online.

In addition to this incident, by far the most famous theft in EPT history took place in Berlin back in 2010. During the opening stages of the €5,300 ($5,800) Main Event, a group of masked criminals stormed the Hyatt Hotel and made off with a large portion of the prizepool.

The cash was eventually recovered and the assailants arrested, but it showed that money, hotels and poker players are a magnet for criminals.

Within his post the player was keen to stress that he doesn’t blame the EPT or the hotel, which he actually loved, but made it clear the manager was extremely unhelpful and that the case remains “unresolved.”

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