Beyond the WSOP: Affordable, Jam-Packed Schedule Highlights Orleans Summer Open

Beyond the WSOP: Affordable, Jam-Packed Schedule Highlights Orleans Summer Open

The Orleans Summer Open will provide the usual wide array of events, catering mostly to players looking for modest buy-ins.

The Orleans poker room

The Orleans will host its annual summer tournament series concurrent with the World Series of Poker. The Orleans Summer Open will offer a variety of tournaments over the course of six weeks.  (Image: Johnny Kampis)

This year’s festival will run from May 31 to July 10 with more than 75 events and a total guaranteed prize pool of $3.5 million. The Orleans, home to probably more Omaha Hi-Lo cash games than any other casino in Las Vegas, will host several events of that game on its schedule, as well as a variety of other mixed games, including Triple Stud, HORSE, and 8-Game Mix.

Most tournaments feature buy-ins of $150 or $200, but the Orleans still has some offerings for higher rollers. These include $600 HORSE and Omaha Hi-Lo championship events, and a $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em main event with a $750K guarantee starting on June 23.

The Orleans will run a two-day Seniors Championship event beginning on June 27 with a buy-in of $400. The room is also jumping on the mystery bounty event bandwagon with two such tournaments on its schedule ($300 buy-in June 2-5 and $600 buy-in June 23-26). The latter event will feature mystery bounties ranging from $200 to $50K.

Ryan McNeel, tournament director for the Orleans, told CardsChat that every time the poker room has run a mystery bounty event, the response has been positive. “We’ve run two of them and the player feedback has been incredible,” he said. “They [the players] think these are really fun events.”

McNeel pointed out that the Orleans’ location, about a mile off the Strip on Tropicana, can be advantageous given its free parking and easy accessibility to Las Vegas Boulevard. But, he believes a bigger draw may be the poker room’s relaxed atmosphere that runs contrary to the stereotype of the tables filled with players wearing hoodies and headphones.

“We like to laugh and have a good time, and break that stereotype,” McNeel said.

2022 Orleans Summer Poker Open Schedule

5/31/202211:00 AM$200$25K Guarantee
5/31/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $15K GTD
6/1/202211:00 AM$200Player Appreciation Event
6/1/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $15K GTD
6/2/202211:00 AM$300Mystery Bounty $250K Guaranteed – Day 1A
6/2/20222:00 PM$200Stud, Stud-8, Razz
6/2/20227:00 PM$300Mystery Bounty $250K Guaranteed – Day 1B
6/3/202211:00 AM$300Mystery Bounty $250K Guaranteed – Day 1C
6/3/20227:00 PM$150Friday Night $25K GTD
6/4/202211:00 AM$300Mystery Bounty $250K Guaranteed – Day 1D
6/4/20227:00 PM$300Mystery Bounty $250K Guaranteed – Day 1E
6/5/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $50K GTD
6/5/20227:00 PM$200Bounty No-Limit Holdem $15K GTD
6/6/202211:00 AM$200Monday Special $40K Guaranteed
6/6/20222:00 PM$4002-7, A-5, Badugi
6/6/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/7/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
6/7/20222:00 PM$200Fixed-Limit Holdem
6/7/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/8/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
6/8/20222:00 PM$200Omaha-8 / Stud-8
6/8/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/9/202211:00 AM$400Thundering Threes – Day 1A $333,333 Guaranteed
6/9/20222:00 PM$200Fixed-Limit Omaha-8
6/9/20226:00 PM$400Thundering Threes – Day 1B $333,333 Guaranteed
6/10/202211:00 AM$400Thundering Threes – Day 1C $333,333 Guaranteed
6/10/20227:00 PM$150Friday Night $25K GTD
6/11/202211:00 AM$400Thundering Threes – Day 1D $333,333 Guaranteed
6/11/20226:00 PM$400Thundering Threes – Day 1E $333,333 Guaranteed
6/12/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $50K GTD
6/12/20227:00 PM$200Bounty No-Limit Holdem $15K GTD
6/13/202211:00 AM$200Monday Special $40K GTD
6/13/20222:00 PM$600HORSE Championship
6/13/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $15K GTD
6/14/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
6/14/20222:00 PM$300Fixed-Limit Omaha-8
6/14/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/15/202211:00 AM$150Mega-Satellite to $750K GTD Championship
6/15/20222:00 PM$150Mega-Satellite to $750K GTD Championship
6/15/20227:00 PM$150Mega-Satellite to $750K GTD Championship
6/16/202211:00 AM$1,000No-Limit Hold’em Championship Day 1A $750K Guaranteed
6/16/20222:00 PM$300NLHE, Stud, Omaha-8, Razz, PLO, LHE, Stud-8, Triple-Draw
6/16/20227:00 PM$1,000$750K Guaranteed Day 1B
6/17/202211:00 AM$1,000$750K Guaranteed Day 1C
6/17/20227:00 PM$150Friday Night $25K GTD
6/18/202211:00 AM$1,000$750K Guaranteed Day 1D
6/18/20225:00 PM$1,000$750K Guaranteed Day 1E
6/19/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $50K GTD
6/19/20227:00 PM$200Bounty No-Limit Holdem $15K GTD
6/20/202211:00 AM$200Monday Special $40K GTD
6/20/20222:00 PM$600Omaha-8 Championship
6/20/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/21/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
6/21/20222:00 PM$200Stud, Stud-8, Razz
6/21/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/22/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
6/22/20222:00 PM$200Omaha-8 / Stud-8
6/22/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/23/202211:00 AM$500Mystery Bounty $300K GTD – Day 1A
6/23/20222:00 PM$200Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Stud-8
6/23/20227:00 PM$500Mystery Bounty $300K Guaranteed – Day 1B
6/24/202211:00 AM$500Mystery Bounty $300K Guaranteed – Day 1C
6/24/20227:00 PM$150Friday Night $25K GTD
6/25/202211:00 AM$500Mystery Bounty $300K Guaranteed – Day 1D
6/25/20227:00 PM$500Mystery Bounty $300K Guaranteed – Day 1E (turbo flight)
6/26/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $50K GTD
6/26/20227:00 PM$200Bounty No-Limit Holdem $15K GTD
6/27/202211:00 AM$200Monday Special $40K GTD
6/27/20222:00 PM$400Seniors Championship
6/27/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/28/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
6/28/20222:00 PM$300Pot-Limit Omaha-8 or Better
6/28/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/29/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
6/29/20222:00 PM$200Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Stud-8
6/29/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
6/30/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $250K GTD Mystery Bounty – Day 1A
6/30/20222:00 PM$200Fixed-Limit Omaha/8
6/30/20227:00 PM$300No-Limit Hold’em $250K GTD Mystery Bounty – Day 1B
7/1/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $250K GTD Mystery Bounty – Day 1C
7/1/20227:00 PM$150Friday Night $25K GTD
7/2/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $250K GTD Mystery Bounty – Day 1D
7/2/20227:00 PM$300No-Limit Hold’em $250K GTD Mystery Bounty – Day 1E
7/3/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $50K GTD
7/3/20227:00 PM$300Bounty No-Limit Holdem $20K GTD
7/4/202211:00 AM$200Monday Special $40K GTD
7/4/20222:00 PM$400Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Stud-8
7/4/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
7/5/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
7/5/20222:00 PM$300NLHE, Stud, Omaha-8, Razz, PLO, LHE, Stud-8, Triple-Draw
7/5/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
7/6/202211:00 AM$200No-Limit Hold’em $30K GTD
7/6/20222:00 PM$200Fixed-Limit Omaha-8
7/6/20227:00 PM$150Super Stack $20K GTD
7/7/202211:00 AM$400The Finale $300K GTD – Day 1A
7/7/20222:00 PM$300Seven-Card Razz
7/7/20227:00 PM$400The Finale $300K GTD – Day 1B
7/8/202211:00 AM$400The Finale $300K GTD – Day 1C
7/8/20227:00 PM$150Friday Night $25K GTD
7/9/202211:00 AM$400The Finale $300K GTD – Day 1D
7/9/20227:00 PM$400The Finale $300K GTD – Day 1E
7/10/202211:00 AM$300No-Limit Hold’em $50K GTD
7/10/20227:00 PM$200Bounty No-Limit Holdem $15K GTD
Written by
Johnny Kampis
Johnny Kampis -- the author of "The Essential Guide to Vegas during the World Series of Poker" and "Vegas or Bust: A Family Man Takes on the Poker Pros" -- has been making the summer trek to Las Vegas from Alabama since 2004. When not playing poker, he's a professional journalist who's written for American Spectator, Fox News, HuffPost,, and many others. He currently writes for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance and serves on the FCC's media advisory panel.

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