BetStars Jumps Into Russia 2018 with $135M World Cup Bracket Challenge

May 7th, 2018 by Daniel Smyth

The Stars Group is ramping up its presence in the sports betting sector by announcing the details of a nine-figure World Cup giveaway.

World Cup Schedule.  

PokerStars’ sister betting site BetStars is challenging people to fill in the blanks on this year’s World Cup wall chart. (Image:

Announced on May 6 and available to residents in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, the sports betting promo is free to enter and comes with some big payouts.

Available inside the BetStars platform, the competition will give anyone that can predict the outcome of 64 soccer World Cup matches $135 million.

Free Shot at $135 Million

As per the rules, anyone with a real money PokerStars account can enter once for free. To make a prediction, entrants have to scroll through each scheduled match and select the team they believe will win, lose or draw.

Anyone that correctly predicts the outcome for every match will win the top prize. If multiple players make the right picks, they’ll share the nine-figure jackpot.

To add some extra spice to the promotion, players can win additional entries by completing challenges at PokerStars. Additionally, a leaderboard will be running throughout the World Cup, with entrants earning points for every result they get right.

By the time 2018 soccer World Cup comes to a conclusion on July 15, the top 1,000 performers will take home prizes ranging from Spin & Go tickets to $10,000 and a Platinum Pass worth $30,000. Should anyone manage the improbable and get every outcome correct, $135 million in cash will be theirs.

From PokerStars to Sports Betting

Offering an outlandish prize for predicting the outcome of 64 World Cup matches isn’t anything new. During the 2014 World Cup, British bookmaker Sportingbet offered $135,000 to anyone that could predict which teams would finish first and second during the group stages of the tournament.

For the Stars Group, however, the big money giveaway is a break from the norm. What’s more, this will be the first World Cup BetStars has been active for since it launched in 2015. With estimates suggesting that soccer betting is worth up to $1 trillion annually, the quadrennial World Cup is likely to see billions in wagers by player around the world made both online and offline.

PokerStars’ challenge is an attempt to cash in on this activity, but also to further its position in the sports betting market. Alongside BetStars, PokerStars’ parent group recently announced its intention to purchase Sky Bet.

Making the headlines on April 21, the $4.6 billion deal will see Stars take control of the British betting brand as well as a selection of auxiliary businesses, including Oddschecker. Although this deal won’t complete until the World Cup is over, the attention-grabbing promotion is certainly a primer for what’s to come.

Indeed, when The Stars Group assimilates Sky Bet into its portfolio, it will instantly become a much greater force in the online sports betting world. Based on this, any new customers it can attract ahead of the World Cup in Russia should prove extremely useful in the coming months and years.

7 Responses to “BetStars Jumps Into Russia 2018 with $135M World Cup Bracket Challenge”

  1. mitchy boi says:

    Would love to of bought some shares in stars before this happen, they are essentially going to have a monopoly on the British market.

  2. Paya_31 says:

    Very good promotion, I always wanted to participate in this type of promotions. It would be better if more countries could participate in the promotion. Good luck to all who leave their predictions.

  3. zam220 says:

    Very good actions, it is a pity that my country cannot participate.But I am waiting for the world Cup and I will be happy to bet on the matches.

  4. martina pinto says:

    I do not think it’s right that they have been yes and another not because the same country is one .. It would be feasible to agree to all members and lovers of online poker can participate .. and it would be fantastic to play online with my friends from the United States

  5. DiegoRamos says:

    Beautiful promotion.

    In a quick analysis, I can deduce that Brazil will face Germany again in the quarterfinals. (I hope it’s not 7×1 for Germany again).

    But it’s a bit difficult to figure out who will actually win the cup this year.

  6. Bazza says:

    I believe I can not use your site for betting due to being in France but would love to have a go at the World Cup promo if that would be allowed 🙂

  7. milencenov says:

    Hm, are those 135 million given only if one guesses all 64 games ?

    Or are they given to all people with the best guessing result ? (like 60 of 64, 50 of 64…)

    In my life, I have won 2 jack-pots for guessing 13 games, and even at 13, it is astronomically improbable…

    At 64, it looks more as a marketing trick to attract attention with a prize that will never be paid out…

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