Benjamin “Frenchsniperrr” Chalot Becomes 2019 Millions Online Champion

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Benjamin Chalot, aka Frenchsniperrr, etched his name in the history books by winning the second-richest MTT of all time, the Partypoker Millions Online.

Millions Online
Benjamin Chalot, aka Frenchsniperrr, banked more than $2 million after winning the 2019 Partypoker Millions Online. (Image: Partypoker)

With its $20 million guarantee broken on Day 2, 27 players returned for a shot at glory on Dec. 10. Among those vying for the title were high-stakes veteran, Isaac Haxton.

Despite being one of the leading lights left in the mix, his stack wasn’t up to the task. Starting Day 3 with the fewest chips, Haxton used every trick in his arsenal to stay alive.

Things Get Wild as Junglemandan Slips

As Haxton bobbed and weaved through the field, Junglemandan became the first player of the day to fall. With the tension broken, bets started to flow as the remaining hopefuls eyed the $2 million+ top prize.

With the pressure mounting, Haxton could hold on no longer, hitting the rail in 25th place. As the Partypoker pro slipped into the shadows, only teammate John Duthie was left flying the company’s flag.

The Partypoker Live president nursed a short stack for much of the final session, but enjoyed a dose of luck midway through the day.

With a rivered queen giving the Englishman a timely double up, he was able to edge himself into fifth before collecting an $869,962 consolation prize.

As Duthie exited, Day 3 chip leader Rank 1 Global also ran out of steam. That elimination triggered the tournament’s first $1 million+ payout, and prompted a discussion between the remaining three players.

Deal Ends Partypoker Millions Online

When a deal couldn’t be reached, play resumed and the blinds started to impose their will. That forced Nomeansyes to move all-in for 14 big blinds with Q♦J♠.

Making the easy call with A♠Q♣, Chalot watched the board run out: K♥7♥7♦T♣7♠. In the end, that proved to be the last hand of this year’s Millions Online.

Once nomeansyes’ avatar faded away, Chalot and fellow finalist Lucio cut a deal. With the stacks almost even, Chalot took the lion’s share of the prize pool, and that was that.

With Partypoker’s software automatically ending MTTs after a deal, Chalot became the Millions Online champion without a fight.

2019 Partypoker Millions Online Result

  1. Frenchsniperrr – $2,259,113*
  2. Lucio – $2,222,511*
  3. Nomeansyes – $1,370,850
  4. Rank 1 Global – $1,107,225
  5. John_Duthie – $869,962
  6. Cloudking – $659,062
  7. PalPal012015 – $474,525
  8. BilLKluka – $316,350

*Denotes a deal.

As Chalot took a moment to enjoy his accomplishment, another successful Millions Online came a to end.

After setting an ambitious guarantee of $20 million in 2018, Partypoker’s tournament team doubled down on it this year. Showing that it was far from a one-off, the event is now established as one of the top annual MTTs in the world.

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