Americas Cardroom Lifts Lid on Poker Bots and $175,000 Fraud

April 15th, 2019 by Daniel Smyth

The battle against poker bots has spread to Americas Cardroom and what it describes as the “first and only” transparent reimbursement policy.

Americas Cardroom poker bots

Americas Cardroom has become the latest operator to take decisive action against poker bots. (Image: mysoulisalockwithoutakey)

Following the recent revelation that Partypoker has used new technology to take down 277 poker bots, Americas Cardroom has done the same.

Americas Cardroom Comes Clean

Players at the Winning Poker Network (WPN) site were first alerted to the war against cheats via an April 12 tweet.

Elaborating on the move against super bot “FoxRox,” WPN published a blog post about its new “face up” policy. Although it didn’t outline the specific techniques used to detect poker bots, WPN has pledged to provide full transparency with regards to refunds.

“We reimburse money won from players by accounts proven to be breaking WPN’s fair play policies. We use the following method for reimbursement,” reads the April 12 blog post.

As part of the new policy, WPN will take the following action against accounts implicated in any bot scandals:

Reimbursement by Game Type

a) Tournaments – Ladder Up: We remove the offending player from the payout spot and move each lower payout spot up one position and pay each player the difference between his old spot and new spot.

b) Cash games – We subtract losses to the offending player from wins taken from the offending player in a given session.

Reimbursement Cap

We reimburse to a cap of $25,000 per offending player. The reimbursed funds are distributed to affected players beginning with the most recent occurrence to the oldest,” the April 12 post continues.

The new drive to tackle poker bots comes just 12 months after Americas Cardroom was hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Having previously been the victim of a similar cybercrime in 2017, the site was forced to go offline while the issue was rectified.

Since that time, the poker site has managed to fend off any major incidents. That appears to have given the security team more time to focus on poker bots.

Fight for Supremacy Ignites Battle Against Poker Bots

Although automated software has long been an issue, it now appears to be a major focus for operators.

Partypoker has led the way and now Americas Cardroom is looking to capitalize. Building on the moves made by its competitor, the site has explicitly named those involved.

As well as outing the perpetrator, Americas Cardroom has a running list of affected players and the compensation they’ve received.

This level of transparency should not only improve the image of Americas Cardroom but force all operators to be more open about poker bots. Indeed, with small edges potentially leading to significant gains, others may follow suit in order to stay competitive.

12 Responses to “Americas Cardroom Lifts Lid on Poker Bots and $175,000 Fraud”

  1. Transcendence says:

    Great news! I tweet this!

  2. okeedokalee says:

    Will Pokerstars adopt this stance?

  3. XYZ2123 says:

    I applaud ACR’s handling of this situation. This level of transparency will only benefit them. Hopefully they’ll continue to up their game against players with unfair advantages.

  4. Rijckenborg says:

    How can we be sure that the poker room owner don’t have their own bot?

  5. KristaK says:

    Bravo Bravo!!!! how awful are these Bots all over the place … i lose mostly and now if Bots are also taking my chips i wonder if i even wish continue play online

  6. vladdracul says:

    I do wonder if the players at any given table are players or house bots designed to increase action and pot sizes. And it seems some “players” only function is to go on all in with junk all the time just trying to crack aces for fun and eliminate more players faster. I play tournaments and wow, some of the crazy is forced by the blinds increasing but there are a lot of maniacs out there, that is for sure.

  7. Art8m says:

    Are there bots for 888 poker?who knows?

  8. Rosxana13 says:

    This is in someway good but I’m afraid of this hackers always find a way to hack is sad that this happen but well is like crime there is alwasy people trying to do bad and steal and get everything easy I see this as good from ACR hope this bots don’t affect the micro and low stakes were I’m playing right now I wish I can get a win that allow make an ivestment on my own busisness and play online poker only for Fun with CC events!

  9. Sharon says:

    Sounds like this is a cover up. These “bots” were found and we will pay back a small percentage.
    Seems obvious ACR is the bots. They probably collected millions and put these few accounts out as “bots” to regain some business or try to save face. C YA LATER

  10. mtl mile end says:

    This is an excellent, tiny, first step.

  11. Mike says:

    I enjoy playing at Americas Cardroom. But it does make me think that every time I sit at a (6) seated 25/50 NL table with only one sitting, then everyone comes storming in within the next (60) seconds, that something has to be automated.

    On top of it all, if I sit-out to pee, they sit out. if I leave the table altogether, within (5) minutes the table is disbanded with only (1) sitting again. So you can say what you say, I feel there is still abuse out there.

  12. na says:

    #1 – ACR stands for “Americas Cheating Room”
    #2 – ACRhas there own bots
    #3- why only now r u doing this, for years players been complaiing about this issue
    #4 – acr ousted their bots to save face
    #5- there’s still major cheating going on this site
    $6 – acr is the most corrupted poker site, trust me, stay away

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