Low-Stakes Grinder Irene Carey Raises New Concerns about Bots at ACR

Could the bots be back at America’s Cardroom? At least one online grinder at ACR believes she’s been witnessing suspicious play in low-stakes tournaments.

Irene Carey sees ACR bots

WSOP Circuit ring winner Irene Carey believes she might’ve seen a bot while playing online poker at America’s Cardroom. (Image: Twitter/WSOP)

Irene Carey — whose live tournament record includes 40 cashes, 12 final tables, and in August her first WSOP Circuit ring — goes by the handle “ShillinAintEasy” online. And early Friday, she tweeted videos of questionable hands played by “ChicagoIllinoisUSA” at the final table of an $11 buy-in, $6,000 guaranteed event at America’s Cardroom.

Carey (@UPay4MyShoes on Twitter), who finished 9th in the tournament, noticed that this player exhibited quite unusual behavior and began chronicling his or her play.

“He doesn’t open buttons. He doesn’t defend (his big blind). I have 4,240 hands on him and his VPIP is 16%, his postflop is 1.6%,” Carey explained in an email. “I’ve never seen postflop like that, meaning he doesn’t see a flop often. It’s just all-in pre.”


Bot-Like Behavior?

To support her case on Twitter, Carey posted hand videos that show ChicagoIllinoisUSA three-bet jamming for unusually large stack sizes at the three-handed final table, often for more than 45 big blinds effective.

Twitter user @TheBumpsta claims to have noted some timing tells in that the user registers “1 minute before late reg ends every tournament.” Another Twitter user added, “Yeah def botty.”

On Sharkscope, ChicagoIllinoisUSA (location: Chicago) is shown to have made a profit of $32,982 through 10,584 games, with an average buy-in of just under $20. Most notably, graphs for the player show a remarkably steep and steady upswing over its last 6,000 games.

ChicagoIllinoisUSA Results

If ChicagoIllinoisUSA isn’t an automated script playing poker, he’s notably and robotically crushing $19 tournaments at ACR. (Image: Twitter/5AcrossTheEyes)

“There are no players who are profitable and have no downswings on ACR,” Carey said. “All regs, good regs, have tons of downswings.”

Recurring Bot Suspicions

Allegations of widespread bot infestation have plagued Costa Rica-based America’s Cardoom since at least 2017, primarily from accounts based in Russia. YouTuber Joey Ingram publicly campaigned for ACR to clean up their site, resulting in a brief feud with ACR CEO Phil Nagy.

In April, Winning Poker Network (the parent company of America’s Cardroom) announced the banning of 46 accounts it identified as bots, and issued refunds to thousands of affected players.

On Friday, @ACR_POKER thanked Carey on Twitter, saying her information had been passed on to security, and provided contact information for players to send any additional documentation. 

An ACR representative confirmed to CardsChat that the company was looking into the matter.

“We have a team in charge of reviewing these types of claims and reports,” customer service rep “Geoffrey D” said. “Every single report that reaches us is reviewed thoroughly by our team and people affected are contacted by them.”

Written by
Chris Baud


Danny wrote...

I have never had more bad beats in my life untiI started playing Americas Card room.. I guarantee its is rigged. I found at least 8 bots in the tournaments I play..


Jonathon Galyon wrote...

This site has Zero Game Integrity. Still to this day Being Dec 5th 2020 ACR is still infested with bots.
I play against 2-3 bots at every single table I play at. Tons of collusion and down right cheating runs rampant on ACR. The CEO Phil Nagy is a complete moron and absurdly incompetent . Do not play on ACR . I repeat ACR is not to be trusted.


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