All-American Dave Returns for 2021 WSOP

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Dave Swanson, aka All-American Dave, is returning to the Rio for the 2021 WSOP to provide poker players with nutritious and delicious healthy meals throughout the fall. He’s taking meal deposits for the series, which comes with a bonus for those who sign-up by Sept 1.

2021 wsop dave swanson
Dave Swanson is an important part of the WSOP each year. (Image: YouTube)

The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas doesn’t start for nearly two months, but many poker players are already planning their trips, booking flights and hotels, and trying to figure out what and where they’ll eat.

One option for grub during the WSOP is to chow down on fast food, buffets, and at all of the expensive steakhouses Las Vegas has to offer. Or, you can eat healthy and be mentally ready to take on those grueling hours at the poker table during the series. That’s where All-American Dave, a WSOP staple for the past decade, comes into play.

Food planning for the 2021 WSOP

Swanson let the poker community know on Twitter Tuesday that he’s now taking deposits for WSOP meal plans. The meal plans are split into three tiers, with Tier 1 costing $300, Tier 2 going for $600, and Tier 3 at $1,000. By signing up prior to Sept. 1, customers receive a 10% bonus gift certificate that can be used for food, All-American Dave gear, and more.

Prepaid meal plans are a convenient and cheaper way for players to pay for their food from the AAD truck. Instead of paying for each meal individually, player accounts are preloaded and players can order food from their poker table to be delivered directly to their seat.

The higher the tier, the cheaper the cost per meal. One customer asked Swanson on Twitter what happens to the funded accounts if COVID-19 were to force the cancellation of the 2021 WSOP?

“We will refund any money this year if it gets canceled,” Swanson responded.

For those who still have money remaining in their All-American Dave accounts from the 2019 WSOP, those funds can be used toward meals at the 2021 WSOP. And any money remaining after this year’s series will be available next summer (or fall, or whenever the 2022 WSOP takes place).

On the menu

All-American Dave serves full meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — to poker players during the WSOP, along with protein shakes. High-profile pros like Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak, are among those who eat AAD meals during the series. Esfandiari has even promoted the food truck during ESPN’s World Series of Poker broadcasts.

Each day during the series, Swanson posts a menu so players know what they can choose to eat. Meals typically include an entre (grass-finished steak, grilled chicken, and salmon are among the most popular choices), fresh vegetables, and rice or another side. Egg whites, protein pancakes, and organic breakfast tacos are among Swanson’s popular breakfast items.

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