Alex Dreyfus Announces Changes to Global Poker League as New Season Approaches

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Global Poker League (GPL) CEO Alex Dreyfus understands marketing and promotion, so it’s not surprising that less than a week away from the GPL’s second leg of its kickoff season, he’d make some announcements to drum up interest.

Laura Cornelius and Eric Danis will be back in the booth covering the Global Poker League (GPL) when it returns on September 20.  (Image: YouTube)

Next Tuesday, September 20, is the big day, and Dreyfus used Facebook to throw out some new facets to the League.

The second part of the inaugural Global Poker League will get underway September 20, and Alex Dreyfus has announced a few changes.

Apptly Put

In today’s world, every business and organization needs a mobile app to help its marketing efforts. Next week, the GPL will launch its first mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The new app will be similar to MLB At-Bat and other sports mobile apps that allow users to get updates on matches, news, videos, and stats. Fans can even watch replays of completed matches.

Spreading the word and generating interest in the league is imperative for Dreyfus’ success. Thus far, the buzz has been more on the ho-hum level, after the GPL’s first season kicked off in February. But, as Dreyfus himself admits, growing the league will take time.

Host Changes

Griffin Benger, a commentator for the GPL this season, recently announced he would step down from his position to focus on the WSOP Main Event final table that kicks off at the end of October. Benger is among the final nine players vying to be crowned world champion.

His role in the booth must be filled, of course. Per Dreyfus’ blog post on Facebook, the league will use a “rotating cast of poker experts,” such as Jonathan Little.

The original plans were to host the GPL Playoffs and Finals at TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego. That vision has now changed, although Dreyfus says that the league will have a booth at TwitchCon for fans to stop by. The playoffs are now scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from November 29 to December 1.

Second Half Outlook

The “second half” of the GPL kicks off on September 20 with playoff races heating up. The Montreal Nationals top the Americas Conference with 145 points. In the Eurasia Conference, the Moscow Wolverines lead the way with 122 points.

Montreal is, obviously, in a great position to win the league. But the LA Sunset team, headlined by Olivier Busquet and Maria Ho, is within striking distance at 134 points. The London Royals in the Eurasia Conference aren’t too far behind Moscow with 109 points. Ditto for the Hong Kong Stars (108 points).

There are a few teams that will need a miracle to make the playoffs. The Las Vegas Moneymakers, Rome Emperors, and Berlin Bears all have less than 100 points.

Dreyfus has an uphill battle to “sportify” poker with the Global Poker League. If the league is to stick around long-term, he better hope poker fans pay attention to these upcoming matches.

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