MythBusters’ Adam Savage Shows You How to Build Teddy KGB’s Rounders Table (VIDEO)

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TV star and special effects designer Adam Savage has turned his passion for poker into a DIY project fans of “Rounders” will love.

Adam Savage poker table
Former MythBusters host Adam Savage shows you how to make a Rounders-style poker table in his latest YouTube video. (Image: YouTube/Adam Savage’s Tested)

The former MythBusters host now contributes creates a series of instructional videos for In the latest episode of his online show, Savage demonstrates how to build a poker table in just one day.

Savage Channels His Love for Rounders

Before the build, Savage recaps an earlier project in which he recreated Teddy KGB’s poker chips (see video below). The latest instructional is a follow-up to that project and the next stage in making his “Rounders” home game a reality.


The 41-minute video went live on March 4 and already has over 637,000 views.

For Savage, building a replica of Teddy KGB’s table is as much a labor of love as a chance to show off his skills. The poker table he builds measure 47-inches (it should have been bigger) in diameter and is made from plywood.

In addition to being a “Rounders” fan, the New York native hosts regular home games. While we don’t the stakes he plays at, it’s clear that Savage enjoys poker culture as much as playing.


To follow along and create your own Rounders poker table like the one above, you will need a modicum of carpentry skills. However, the project is simple enough that almost anyone can give their home game a lift with a bit of time, effort and manual labor.

Another Positive Push for Poker

Beyond satisfying his own obsession (see video above), Savage has given poker another dose of positive exposure.

In February, social media stars The Try Guys tried the game. Working under the tutelage of Mario Ho, the four comedians were given a crash course in poker.

In addition to picking up some new skills, The Try Guys gave their 6.95 million subscribers a glimpse into the game’s nuances. Savage has done something similar with his latest one-day build.

With 4.86 million subscribers, the video will engage an audience that many traditional media outlets can’t.

As poker operators look to acquire new customers, exposure from popular YouTubers could prove invaluable. However, if nothing else, Savage’s video could help players assume the role of Mike McDermott and live out their own “Rounders” fantasies.

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