888poker Increases Tournament Guarantees to Counteract Player Unrest in Wake of Connectivity Issues

888poker has been having a difficult time dealing with disconnection issues plaguing its players, but that doesn’t mean the site is giving in.

888poker tournament guarantees connectivity

888poker has increased the guarantees in many of its online tournaments following extensive issues with players disconnecting from the site. (Image: 888poker.com/youtube)

In addition to the recent add-on of a pause functionality designed to help the site ride out particularly difficult periods during tournaments, the poker room is also bumping up the guarantees for many of its weekly tournaments in order to entice players to continue playing through these issues.

The increased guarantees are being seen in a total of eight different events held throughout the week. The biggest of these tournaments is the Quarterback, which is jumping from a $25,000 to a $30,000 guarantee.

Several other weekly events are also seeing increases of various sizes. Three daily tournaments have been given a boost, with even the $1 Snap tournament going from a $500 guarantee to a $750 minimum prize pool.

Solutions Offered, But Disconnects Continue

According to Poker Industry Pro, an 888poker representative said that the company made the move in order to “mark the improved performance of some of our tournaments.” However, it doesn’t appear as though the disconnect issue is going away entirely anytime soon, despite 888’s efforts to address the problem.

The most notable effort that has been made recently was adding a pause tournament feature that the operator can use in order to put a tournament on hold. The idea is to implement this function when players are having severe connectivity issues, something that will allow a little more integrity and fairness in tournament results.

When the pause tournament feature is utilized, tournament clocks will stop, and no hands will be dealt. Once 888 officials believe the network is performing up to standards again, the tournament will be resumed directly from where it left off. In cases in which the situation fails to improve in a timely fashion, tournaments can still be cancelled, with players being compensated based on existing policies.

888’s Growth Bucks Industry Trends

The problems with disconnections have been an unfortunate blot on 888poker’s record. The site has been one of the few online poker rooms that has seen growth in recent years, allowing it to climb into a clear second position in PokerScout’s worldwide online poker traffic rankings. According to that site, 888poker has averaged 2,100 cash game players over the past seven days, trailing only PokerStars, which has averaged 14,500.

However, that growth has come with some severe growing pains. Players have long complained that the software has lagged behind its competitors, with the disconnection issues just being the latest example of this problem.

Some players have noted that while the pause tournament functionality is a nice touch for tournament players, it does absolutely nothing for cash game players, who can often be hurt even worse by untimely disconnects. The same official statement that announced the tournament pauses did say that the site is also working on improving connectivity in general, but it remains to be seen how long it will take before these problems are largely a thing of the past.

Recent reaction from players on the TwoPlusTwo forum has been mixed in terms of whether 888poker has made progress on the disconnection issue. While some players have said they’ve played for long periods of time without a disconnect, others have had major issues with the site, with at least one saying that the problems are especially prevalent when large freeroll tournaments are taking place.

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Ed Scimia
Ed Scimia is a freelance writer and author from Bethel, Connecticut. He is the author of Catching Fish: Your Practical Guide To Beating $1/$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em Games, which once spent a few hours at #1 on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list for poker books. Ed also serves as the Chess Expert for About.com. In the winter, Ed enjoys curling, which really is an Olympic sport.


skaterick wrote...

getting disco’d from a freeroll would be annoying . it could be catastrophic in a large ring game !

Christian Zarate wrote...

doe’s the site refund those player who have had pages frozen ?? they MUST refund a player who lost because of site issues, to keep the name of these sites clean . Maybe this is another reason the online revenue has been going down ?

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