2023 Wynn Signature Series Schedule Released

The Wynn Signature Series has become a staple for Vegas tournament players over the last few years, and for good reason. A beautiful casino, excellent staff, and big guarantees, help the series bring in more players every year. The WPT event in December has also put the Wynn at the center of the tournament poker world with a massive series bringing in huge fields every year for the foreseeable future. 

The 2023 Wynn Signature Series

The 2023 Signature Signature Series starts August 14th and runs through September 7th, with $2,270,000 in guarantees. Milestone satellites will also run frequently for the larger events. 

Structures are solid, as they always are at The Wynn. Every tournament, except turbo and satellite events, will feature blind levels of at least 30 minutes. Rake is fairly typical, nothing higher than a typical poker tournament. Overlays are almost unheard of in these events, and large fields are expected. Show up early if you want to start playing on time because space can be limited, especially for the mystery bounty events which draw big crowds and bigger prize pools. 

Highlights of the schedule include a Seniors event with a $100,000 guarantee for $1,100, a $500,000 guarantee for $1,100, and a $500,000 guarantee Mystery Bounty with four starting flights. Buy-ins range from $200 to $1,100, with most events at either $400 or $600. Multi-day events will all play down to the money on day 1. All the rules and structure sheets for the event can be downloaded from the Wynn Poker Room Website

2023 Wynn Signature Series Schedule

DateDayTimeEventGuaranteeEntry FeeChipsLevels
8/14Monday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1A$150,000$60030,00040 Minutes
8/15Tuesday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1B$150,000$60030,00040 Minutes
8/16Wednesday11 A.M.SENIORS NLH 50+$50,000$50025,00030 Minutes
8/16Wednesday12 P.M.DAY 2
8/17Thursday12 P.M.LIMIT OMAHA 8$20,000$40025,00030 Minutes
8/17Thursday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1A$250,000$60030,00040 Minutes
8/18Friday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1B$250,000$60030,00040 Minutes
8/18Friday7 P.M.PLO TURBO$15,000$30025,00020 Minutes
8/19Saturday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1C$250,000$60030,00040 Minutes
8/20Sunday12 P.M.DAY 2
8/20Sunday1 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM$40,000$40025,00030 Minutes
8/20Sunday6 P.M.NLH TURBO$10,000$20025,00020 Minutes
8/21Monday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1A$100,000$40030,00040 Minutes
8/21Monday5 P.M.NLH TURBO$10,000$20025,00020 Minutes
8/22Tuesday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1B$100,000$40030,00040 Minutes
8/23Wednesday12 P.M.DAY 2
8/23Wednesday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM$40,000$40025,00030 Minutes
8/23Wednesday5 P.M.MILESTONE SATELLITE TO $1,10010 SEATS$20020,00020 Minutes
8/24Thursday12 P.M.PLO 8$20,000$40025,00030 Minutes
8/24Thursday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1A$500,000$1,10030,00040 Minutes
8/24Thursday7 P.M.SATELLITE TO $1,100 NLH*10 SEATS$20020,00020 Minutes
8/25Friday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1B$500,000$1,10030,00040 Minutes
8/26Saturday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1C$500,000$1,10030,00040 Minutes
8/27Sunday12 P.M.DAY 2
8/27Sunday12 P.M.NLH PROGRESSIVE BOUNTY$50,000$50025,00030 Minutes
8/27Sunday5 P.M.SATELLITE TO SENIORS EVENT10 SEATS$20020,00020 Minutes
8/28Monday11 A.M.SENIORS NLH 50+ (2 DAY)$100,000$1,10030,00040 Minutes
8/29Tuesday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM$20,000$30025,00030 Minutes
8/29Tuesday12 P.M.HORSE$20,000$40025,00030 Minutes
8/30Wednesday12 P.M.PLO$20,000$40025,00030 Minutes
8/30Wednesday12 P.M.MYSTERY BOUNTY DAY 1A$500,000$60030,00040 Minutes
8/30Wednesday7 P.M.$2.5K MILESTONE SURVIVOR$15,000$30025,00020 Minutes
8/31Thursday12 P.M.MYSTERY BOUNTY DAY 1B$500,000$60030,00040 Minutes
8/31Thursday12 P.M.PLO$50,000$1,10030,00030 Minutes
9/1Friday12 P.M.MYSTERY BOUNTY DAY 1C$500,000$60030,00040 Minutes
9/2Saturday12 P.M.MYSTERY BOUNTY DAY 1D$500,000$60030,00040 Minutes
9/3Sunday12 P.M.DAY 2
9/3Sunday1 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM$40,000$40025,00030 Minutes
9/4Monday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM$40,000$40025,00030 Minutes
9/4Monday5 P.M.NLH TURBO$10,000$20025,00020 Minutes
9/5Tuesday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1A$150,000$60030,00040 Minutes
9/5Tuesday5 P.M.NLH TURBO$10,000$20025,00020 Minutes
9/6Wednesday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM DAY 1B$150,000$60030,00040 Minutes
9/6Wednesday5 P.M.NLH TURBO$10,000$20025,00020 Minutes
9/7Thursday12 P.M.DAY 2
9/7Thursday12 P.M.NO LIMIT HOLD’EM$20,000$30025,00030 Minutes
9/7Thursday5 P.M.NLH TURBO$10,000$20025,00020 Minutes
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