2023 Aria Poker Classic Schedule Released

The Aria Poker Classic schedule was released yesterday by tournament director Paul Campbell. The schedule features a number of Pot-Limit Omaha events, multiple mystery bounties, mixed game events, and the BetMGM Championship which features a $3,500 buy-in and a two million dollar guarantee. The BetMGM final table will be streamed live from the PokerGo studios, giving the players a chance at their moment in the spotlight as well as a first place prize that should approach half a million dollars.  

The Aria Poker Classic Summer 2023 Schedule

2023 ARIA Poker Classic
Wed May 3111am$800 Pot-Limit Omaha Mystery Bounty30K / 30 Min$150K GTD
Thu June 111am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Fri June 211am$600 Seniors NLH (50+)30K / 30 Min$100K GTD
Sat June 311am$600 Limit H.O.R.S.E.30K / 30 Min$50K GTD
Sun June 411am$800 NLH Mystery Bounty30K / 30 MinS150K GTD
Mon June 511am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Tue June 611am$600 Pot-Limit Omaha30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Wed June 711am$400 Bet MGM Milestone Satellites25K / 25 Min10 Seats
Thu June 811am$800 NLH Mystery Bounty30K / 30 Min$250K GTD
Thu June 85pm$400 Bet MGM Milestone Satellite25K / 25 Min10 Seats
Fri June 912am$3,500 BetMGM NLH Day 1A40K / 60 Min$2M GTD
Sat June 1012am$3,500 BetMGM NLH Day 1B40K / 60 Min$2M GTD
Sun June 1112pm$3.500 BetMGM NLH Day 2$2M GTD
Mon June 1211am$600 NLH30K I 30 Min$75K GTD
Mon June 121pm$3,500 BetMGM Day 3 – PokerGO Studio
Tue June 1311am$800 Eight Game Mix30K I 30 Min$50K GTD
Tue June 133pmBetMGM FT – PokerGO Live Streamed
Wed June 1411am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Thu June 1511am$600 PL08 I Big 030K / 30 Min$50K GTD
Fri June 1611am$800 Seniors NLH (50+)30K / 30 Min$150K GTD
Sat June 1711am$800 Triple Draw Mix A-5, 2-7, Badugi30K / 30 Min$50K GTD
Sun June 1811am$600 Pot-Limit Omaha30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Man June 1911am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Tue June 2011am$600 Pot-Limit Omaha30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Wed June 2111am600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Thu June 2211am600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Fri June 2311am600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Sat.June 2411am$600 Pot-Limit Omaha30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Sun June 2511am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Man,June 2611am$800 Pot-Limit Omaha Mystery Bounty30K I 30 Min$150K GTD
Tue June 2711am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Wed, June 2811am$800 NLH Mystery Bounty30K / 30 Min$150K GTD
Thu June 2911am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Fri June 3011am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Sat. July 111am$600 NLH30K I 30 Min$75K GTD
Sun July 211am$500 Ladies NLH25K I 30 Min$50K GTD
10 Seats
Sun July 25pm$240 PLO Milestone Satellite to $1,600
Mon July 312pm$1,600 Pot-Limit Omaha – 2 Day Event40K / 40 Min$200K GTD
Tue  July 412pm$1,600 Pot-Limit Omaha Restart$200K GTD
Wed July 511am$600 NLH30K I 30 Min$75K GTD
Wed July 55pm$240 H.O.R.S.E Satellite5 Seats
Thu July 612pm$1 600 Limit H.O.R.S.E. – 2 Day Event40K / 40 Min$125K GTD
Fri July 712pm$1 600 Limit H.0.R.S.E Restart$125K GTD
Sat July 811am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Sun July 911am$600 Pot-Limit Omaha30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Mon July 1011am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Tue July 1111am$600 Limit Omaha 8 / Stud 830K / 30 Min$50K GTD
Wed July 1211am$800 NLH Mystery Bounty30K / 30 Min$150K GTD
Thu July 1311am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Fri July 1411am$600 NLH30K / 30 Min$75K GTD
Sat July 1511am$600 PLO Mix30K / 30 Min$50K GTD
All Tournaments are 1 day unless specified. Management reserves rights to alter or cancel tournaments.

Aria Poker Classic is a fan favorite

The summer poker tournament series at the Aria has been a consistent player favorite for years, and with the addition of the PokerGo studios to the Aria building, players have a chance to make a televised final table on the PokerGo app. The BetMGM Championship event streaming should bring in a big field, and the aggressive guarantee will bring players in as well for what is expected to be a huge field. 

The series features five mystery bounty events, two HORSE events, two seniors events, and a ladies event, with multiple mixed events and a host of big no-limit holdem events to offer something for everyone. A guarantee on every event is a nice bonus for players too, though during the World Series of Poker and all the tournaments that pop up around Las Vegas during June and July there won’t be any shortage of players to make those guarantees. 

The Aria poker room is a fan favorite even when tournaments aren’t running, with a beautifully appointed room, professional staff, and great food options nearby. It is also home to more pot-limit Omaha games than any other room in the city, so seeing a number of Omaha events on the summer classic schedule is no surprise. 

Aria Poker Classic structure sheets and rake numbers not yet released

Structure sheets and rake numbers will be available soon, but are expected to be in line with standard practices as Campbell’s events always are. Most events are 30,000 starting chips and thirty minute levels, while a few of the bigger events get a little more play. 

The Aria is just the second room to release a schedule for this summer, though we expect the usual suspects to begin churning out their own schedules soon. Events will likely also be hosted at The Venetian, The Orleans, South Point, The Golden Nugget, and of course the Horse Shoe (formerly Bally’s). 

With no vaccination requirements and most players comfortable with playing live poker again, crowds are expected to be some of the largest ever this summer in Vegas and the Aria will be no exception to that.

Campbell released the schedule of events on twitter and no other information is available on the web page of the Aria poker room as of this writing.

2023 Aria Poker Classic Schedule Tweet From Paul Campbell

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Professional poker player, HORSE world champion, author.

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