Editorial Policy

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The following set of guidelines set standards for how the CardsChat news team operates. It’s our mission to support the best poker community online with top-quality journalism about the game we all love.


CardsChat News provides impartial reporting about poker and the poker world. Delivering accurate and timely information is the driving force behind what we do, believing it’s our role to elevate the discourse surrounding poker by keeping our community well-informed.


Our news team embraces transparency and integrity in all our efforts to serve a growing community of readers with news and information from a poker player’s perspective. Our content is freely available to the public worldwide, and we prioritize “readers first” in the poker news coverage we provide.


The CardsChat community consists of more than 366,532 members, in 188 countries, who are passionate about poker. Our news team exists to inform and entertain them — keeping a finger on the pulse of the poker world, while facilitating conversations on our website, forum, and social media channels.

Staff Writers

CardsChat employs independent contractors to provide top quality news coverage for poker players across the planet. We maintain a roster of talented writers and reporters who professionally deliver the news.

Accuracy and Integrity

We put a premium on sharing news that is factual, accurate, and fairly presented. Our reporting will always be truthful and transparent, and we make concerted efforts to never mislead readers. Plagiarism is a fireable offense.


We find and develop news from reliable sources, including press releases, social media, trade publications, mainstream media, and direct contacts with gambling operators and gaming industry professionals who at various times provide tips, perspective, and confirmation of facts.


Our news team produces unique content and always credits original source material obtained from other websites. Plagiarism, fabrication, and misappropriation of intellectual property are grounds for termination as a contributor.


All links on CardsChat are editorial in nature, directing readers to relevant pages within our site or reputable destinations online. We’ll never send readers to inappropriate corners of the internet, and assure them that no internal nor external links will misdirect to a URL that is different than implied.

Special Contributors

CardsChat News occasionally invites or welcomes submissions from outside contributors. To be considered for publication, articles must be timely and relevant, and not be promotional in nature. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and style.


Errors happen, and we correct them as soon as possible after we find them. We work quickly to fix mistakes within a story, and possibly explain details of the change. If you see an error, please let us know at corrections@cardschat.com.

News Comments

CardsChat believes in free and open discourse, and thus welcome respectful comments on news articles from community members and non-members alike. Sharing relevant links in is allowed, but all comment submissions will be moderated for spam and inappropriate uses.

Social Media

Our writers maintain independence on social media but are expected to observe professional practices in their online activity. They agree not to violate terms of service of any social media outlet, and understand that trolling, stalking, harassing, or intentionally misinforming will not be tolerated.

Impartiality and Conflicts of Interest

Our journalists attest to having no financial relationships with subjects of their stories, unless that relationship is specifically disclosed. If our contributors seek secondary employment or freelance work, they are expected to inform their editor(s) to assure that there are no conflicts that cloud their coverage or impartiality.

Business Relationships

Our news team does not report to any other team in the company and cannot be influenced by business relationships at CardsChat. In our mission to serve the best poker community online, we will not compromise editorial quality or integrity. When we do engage editorial partnerships, these relationships are always disclosed.