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  • No pressure for season-long commitment
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  • Great customer service
  • Play on all mobile platforms
  • Large-field games with high prize pools
  • Match your rate at low percentage
  • Most games are mid limit
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  • Fast and reliable withdrawal within 2-7 days. ? All legitimate, real-money Fantasy Sports sites like have strict anti-fraud screens, and that may create a short withdrawal delay.  
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    100% First-Time Bonus

    Receive a 100% first-time deposit bonus. Earn $1 for every 100 Free Player Points you earn in paid contests. Earn 35% on every referral to the site. Play and win cash tomorrow. is one of the largest fantasy sports sites on the market and it is considered to be one of the first stops online for any keen fantasy sports enthusiast that wants to get involved at a new site.

    You Want It All?

    The first thing that stands out when you sign up to is the sheer scale of the contests on offer. Every major US sport is covered with a range of fantasy sports contests covering the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, CFB, CBB, PGA, SOC, and MMA.

    This is an era now where the list of potential fantasy sports contests you can enter displays in a similar way to the number of poker tables you can join when you sign up to an online poker site. The number of contests on offer refreshes on a daily basis with contests based on the sports schedules of that specific day. Just to give you a taster, on one day you can play fantasy football sports contests based on the NFL schedule and then the next day you can play fantasy national hockey league sports contests based on the NHL schedule.

    The variety of contests available to play is also mesmerizing. The contest search tab lists potential contests in the form of Guaranteed (where the prize pool is guaranteed a minimum amount), Qualifiers (where winners progress to another contest), Head-to-Head (play against one other participant's team with the winner taking all), 50-50 (where participants that finish in the top 50% share the prize pool), Leagues (where participants battle it out in a league format), Multipliers (where participants need to finish in a selection of certain positions to win), Steps (where participants proceed to the next contest, or step, if they win the contest they enter), and Beginner (where the beginners play). Every angle is covered.

    Time is No Issue!

    The beauty of modern day fantasy sports is that there is no season-long commitment required. Gone are the days when you would need to pick your team in pre-season and then be forced to stick with that team and follow their fortunes across a whole season before finally finding out how successful you had been. The combination of waiting so long to find out the winners and being unable to change your side to any great degree throughout the season saw a huge demand from participants for fantasy sports games to become shorter and more clinical.

    Commit to More Than Just One Contest is one of those fantasy sports sites that offers players the chance to not only play one fantasy sports contest every day but potentially enter numerous fantasy sports contests every day. NFL fantasy football will now no longer force participants to wait an entire season to discover their fortunes. Instead, participants will pick their team on the Monday and know the outcome on Tuesday.

    Pick Your Own Players

    The one advantage of this daily schedule is that you do not have to settle for the same players for the whole season. Every day, for every new fantasy sports contest you enter, you get to pick a different team. You will no longer have to suffer the poor performance of the usual suspect you picked months earlier as might have happened in your real time fantasy sports league. If your basketball selections do not work on the Monday then you get to scratch it all and go again on the Tuesday. At, you have a salary cap of $50,000 no matter what sport you pick. If you opt to play a contest based on major league baseball then you will have to pick a side that fulfils the required criteria of that salary cap.

    Your Bet, Your Budget

    The budget of the participant is also a big benefit of playing daily fantasy sports leagues. There is a wide range of entry fees at so if you want to play for $1 then you can. If you are more of a high roller and want to play for $5,300 then you can. No real money budget is outlawed at So whether you want to play the NBA $5,300 Head-to-Head contest that can win you $10,000 or you fancy the smaller entry fee of the MMA $2 10- Player Winner Takes All where you could win $18, it's your call.

    Play on the Move is also a site that has not been left behind in the 20th century. Participants can play for real cash whilst on the move. Participants can download the app onto iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices so that the game can be enjoyed on a laptop or a cell phone in equal measure. This will be good news to players that love their smartphone apps and rely on fantasy sports contests to get them through the journey to and from work. vs

    Interestingly, experienced an acrimonious rivalry with rival fantasy sports site FanDuel does exactly what it says on the tin where it offers a fan duel process to its fantasy sports contests. The two sites went head-to-head in the media when was accused by of false advertising. obviously refuted the claims but it was a bitter dispute that did neither site any good in the PR department. It even led to some speculation that the FanDuel strategy in the market was more underhand than that of FanDuel has won positive feedback for the FanDuel promo and bonuses but the FanDuel fantasy football offering is still considering to be playing second fiddle to the offering that thrives on its NFL contests. However, that is a topic for our FanDuel review!

    Overall View fits into the contemporary attitude of having things your own way. You can pick the sports contest, the entry fee, and the players. It gives complete control and offers enough options so that you will not be stuck short of ideas of which fantasy sports contest to join. They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. is the fantasy sports site that never sleeps and that is what makes it one of the best fantasy sports sites around. FAQ

    What are fantasy sports?

    Fantasy sports are where players take on the role of the manager or owner of a team and must build a team to compete against other players.

    How do Fantasy Sports work?

    Players must build their own team based on a given budget and rules. They then compete against fellow players who have also built their own teams. Player points within the teams are then based on real-life statistics and performance.

    Is playing fantasy sports legal?

    Fantasy sports operate in full compliance with the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and is completely legal.

    How do I sign up?

    Players can sign up through the sign up process available on the homepage of the chosen fantasy sports website.

    What site should I choose to play?

    It really depends what you are looking for from your fantasy sports game. You want a site that covers the sport you intend to play but also caters for your budget and time scale. offers games from the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL along with other sports so it does accommodate a large player audience.

    How much do I need to deposit?

    Both free play and real money games are available to play so a deposit is not compulsory.

    How much should I bet?

    You will only need to bet the entry amount. This will depend on the game you enter. Some games on are available to enter for free but others can require a cash deposit in excess of $1,000.

    Can I win big with a small deposit? offers players the chance to win large sums of money, particularly in the Guaranteed prize pool games, from a small entry bet. Even entry bets as small as $1 can see players hit a $1,500 first prize.

    Is cheating possible?

    The fantasy sports games at DraftKings rely on real-life events and real-life performances. There is no method of manipulating the points system.

    Are there any limitations when picking the teams?

    You are given a $50,000 salary cap to your team. There are also specific rules in place for picking a team depending on the sport you decide to play. For example, if you choose to play an NFL game you will be required to pick one quarter back, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one defence/special teams, and one flexible player that can play in any position. You would then have a different set up for NHL, NBA, and MLB games.

    How do I know what contest to enter?

    On the homepage there is a list of contests that are scheduled to begin and in-play. The list allows you to scan over the game type, game name, sport, entry bet, prize pool, number of entrants, and when the game goes live. You can pick your contest based on that information.

    Is there a strategy to improve my chances of winning?

    Fantasy sports is deemed to be a game of skill and different strategies have been developed in order to increase the chances of success. However, there is no single strategy that is believed to be linked to a winning formula. You can increase your chances of winning by studying the form and statistics of the players you are considering picking.

    How can I play against friends?

    There is an option to create a contest on the homepage. This will give you the chance to create your own game and invite your friends to play in a private game format.

    What sports offer the best opportunity to win?

    Knowledge is power. The sport you are most familiar with is the sport that is most likely to produce wins for you. The more you know the players in the sport, the more educated a decision you can make when drafting your team.

    What are the most popular fantasy sports?

    NFL is the generally considered to be the most popular at However, it depends on what time of the year you play and what stage of the season each sport is at.

    Can I play and practise for free? offers a range of fantasy sports games that do not require an entry fee and can be played for free.

    What are the different leagues?

    There are countless numbers of leagues available to play. These leagues are first separated by sport and then divided into different entry bet levels.

    What happens if I draft the same team as someone else?

    If you draft the same team as somebody else and you end up finishing on the same points then the prize winnings for the two positions you finish in will be split between the two of you.

    How do I claim my winnings?

    Winnings will automatically be accredited to your account and there is a withdrawal option on the My Account page at

    Do I have to wait before claiming my winnings?

    Your winnings will be added to your account as soon as the sporting event your fantasy sports game is based on finishes and the results have been collated.

    Do Fantasy Sports operate with the sporting seasons?

    Yes, fantasy sports operate within the sporting seasons.

    Are there any quick wins?

    Fantasy sports games can be played on a daily basis or a weekly basis at so you do not have to wait long before finding out if you have won or not.

    If I don't do well, how can improve next time?

    There is no secret to winning in fantasy sports. Becoming more familiar and analysing the player stats can help you to draft the players that will give you the best chance of winning.

    Can I play on my mobile or tablet?

    A mobile app of is available to download on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

    Do I have to know the players well to play?

    Knowing players well is not a pre-requisite to play fantasy sports but understanding their strengths and weaknesses will help you to draft the players that can give you the best chance of winning.

    What bonuses are available? offers a number of promotional bonus offers including a refer a friend bonus where you get free entry into the NFL $700k Divisional Clash, and a deposit bonus where will double your cash deposit up to the value of $600.

    What deposit methods can I use? accepts credit card, PayPal, and Dwolla as deposit methods. Visa, Mastercard and American Express giftcards are also accepted.

    What is the safest deposit method?

    All deposit methods at are considered to be equally safe.

    Are there any drawbacks with certain deposit and withdrawal methods?

    Credit card and PayPal deposit methods require up to three business days to process. The downside to the Dwolla payment method is that one party is responsible for paying a transaction fee.

    Do I need a credit card to play?

    Dwolla and PayPal are methods of payment at and do not require the participant to use a credit card.

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