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Skrill has been making it easy for Texas Hold'em players like you to get money into and out of poker sites without having to worry about safety for even a second. They have customers (gambling and otherwise) around the world, and they report directly to the UK's Financial Services Authority.

According to our users, Governor of Poker 3 is the most trusted Skrill site for October 2019.

What are the advantages of using Skrill?

Skrill is in a unique position to offer safety, affordable banking, and lightning fast transactions to all of its real money gamblers. Unlike much of its competition, you can be sure that Skrill always has your best interests at heart.

Why are our sites recommended?

  • These sites give players the best quality gaming
  • They pass our rigorous security and privacy checks
  • They offer mobile apps with the fullest features
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Skrill at a Glance

Formerly known as Moneybookers, London-based Skrill has 15 years in the industry and over 36 million users. Youll find many an e-commerce site accepting them as a payment, trusting it to offer a low-cost money transfer service which is fast and reliable. As it accepts a wide range of funding options and payment methods, all with a highly secure service, internet poker using Skrill is a popular option among gamers.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a London based electronic payment service that gives you a digital account that can be used with Internet vendors. In other words, Skrill is the middle man between you and your online poker room to make sure everything goes smoothly when making deposits and withdrawals. Skrill has since been renamed Skrill, although it still provides the same great service - just under a different name.

Why Should I Make Deposits for Online Poker with Skrill?

Using a poker site that accepts Skrill, you can be sure that none of your personal financial details are revealed during transactions. Players enjoy internet poker using Skrill because it provides a payment gateway to protect their transactions. Another bonus is that the company offers a loyalty scheme called 'Skrill VIP'. This awards loyalty points to those who frequently use the service. Additional features such as multi-currency accounts and a free security token ensure that poker fans are well looked after in any poker room that takes Skrill.

How Can I Deposit At A Poker Site That Accepts Skrill?

  1. Sign up for an account at by providing personal details and a registered e-mail address.
  2. Fund your account with the amount youre looking to deposit at a poker room from the list above. Note that some poker sites (PokerStars, for example) will offer the deposit method 'Skrill Direct.' This means that you can fund your Skrill account through the poker client directly, and your experience of online poker using them as a payment method will rapidly speed up.
  3. Find a poker site accepting Skrill and use your registered e-mail address to make a deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Skrill?

Once you have your free account, you can fund it by transferring money from your bank account or credit card. Note that the bank transfer is free from 30+ countries, but all credit card deposits have a 1.9% fee. Once this money appears in your Skrill account, all you have left to do is go to your Internet poker room, select Skrill as your deposit option, give them your Skrill email address, enter the deposit amount, and click Accept. There's no need to give away personal banking information or anything else that could put your cash or identity at risk of theft.

Will I get a welcome bonus when I use my Skrill account?

Yes. Online poker rooms love it when players use affordable and instant eWallet deposit options like Skrill because it makes things easier for them too. In fact, a lot of poker sites are even offering additional bonuses for making your first Skrill deposit.

How quickly will my money be available after I deposit with Skrill?

The full amount will be available instantly when you make a Moneybookers deposit. That means you can be playing Texas Hold'em in minutes with Skrill.

Are there deposit limits?

Yes. The minimum cash deposit is usually in the $10 to $20 range while the maximum allowed deposit is generally in the mid three figures, though it may easily be $1,000 for new players. This varies widely between different kinds of poker sites but, if you want to deposit more, the maximum can normally be changed at your request.

Can US players use Skrill at online poker sites?

No. After 2008, US support from Skrill officially came to an end.

Is there a fee to make a Skrill deposit?

No. When you show up ready to deposit with an online gambling site, they want to make it as easy as possible - and that includes making your Skrill deposit free.

Can I withdraw to my Skrill account?

Yes. The ability to move money in both directions is one of those things that makes eWallet options like Skrill so useful. Just use this one service for all of your online poker banking needs, and keep things simple.

How quickly can I withdraw money to my Skrill account from my poker account?

You can reasonably expect to have your money within 3-5 business days, but this really depends on your chosen Internet card room. If there is any kind of delay, it's not Skrill' fault.

What happens if my currency is not supported by the poker site?

Skrill has support for 41 currencies but not all poker sites are so internationally positioned. If you have to play in a foreign currency, your cash can be automatically exchanged, but this is not exactly ideal (as always, you may get an unfavorable exchange rate or have to deal with fees).

Is my Skrill information secure with a poker site?

Yes, your Skrill information will be safe and protected when used at a reputable poker room. One of the great things about Skrill is just how little information youll have to share, which means that you wont have to store much information with a poker site. What information they do store, however, can be trusted to be securely protected.

How do poker sites protect my Skrill information?

Poker sites use the same kinds of encryption protocols and security standards as major banks around the world, ensuring that your cash and information will not be stolen and that if it somehow is, it will be unreadable by any third party. 128-bit encryption is used at all times, and all data is stored on heavily firewalled servers to ensure the absolute highest possible level of security for your Skrill information.

How will I be asked to verify my details when withdrawing using Skrill at a poker site?

As far as your Skrill information is concerned, you should only have to share your basic account information (the email address the account is associated with) to process your withdrawal. Some real money card rooms may also ask for verification of your identity before allowing any cash withdrawals, such as asking you to fax a photocopy of a form of identification to prove that you are the person you claim to be, though this is more common at Internet casinos and sportsbooks than at poker sites.

Is Skrill more secure than other payment methods?

Skrill has many of the same security measures that have been taken by other e-wallets, which already have some advantages when it comes to security. When using Skrill, youll never have to give a poker site your bank account or credit card information, which helps keep your data secure by keeping it in only one place, rather than at a variety of different gambling websites. This layer of protection also means that theres no chance you could accidentally give a third party access to your bank account or financial data. Skrill further protects your information by using the highest encryption standards on the market today, and takes steps to alert customers of potential scams that could affect their Skrill accounts.

Will a poker site ever ask me for information about my Skrill account?

An Internet poker room should only request information about your Skrill account when you are in the process of making a deposit or withdrawal. At no other time should anyone from a poker site need to know anything about your Skrill account. At no time should you give away your password or any other sensitive information about your Skrill account to anyone claiming to be a representative of a gambling site (or any other site).

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Online poker rooms that accept deposits by Skrill provide various advantages for players. However, there are plenty of other factors to consider when picking a real money site. Not all cardrooms are what they seem, and we definitely saw our fair share of bad poker rooms.

  • Unable to honor many withdrawals in previous years
  • Unreliable & untrustworthy site
  • Skrill deposits are not processed properly
  • Targeted by US regulators
  • Reports surfacing of players not receiving their winnings
  • Affiliate program shut down
  • Software crashes every two minutes
  • Reports indicate that the operator takes money out of the balance
  • Focused only on crypto while making it difficult for other players
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