Aces Full of It:, Part Tres

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Last time, I covered a few more of PokerTube’s categories and indicated the beginnings of an opinion shift. Today, both of those trends are probably going to continue (seeing as how I’m writing these particular words before actually checking out what I intend to fully).

Poker Hands

Me being wrong is appearing at this point to be a bit of a running theme for this review. I thought this section would be sort of like a similarly named forum thread concept that a few websites have expanded into something of a specialization.  That being, you post video of an online poker hand, and people say what they think about it.  Clearly, I’m a bit addlepated right now, because as far as I can tell PokerTube itself doesn’t even have, in point of fact, a comment system whatsoever.

No, this section’s all about clips of particularly notable poker hands from various TV broadcasts, and so I vote it thus far Most Likely For the Ace to Visit On A Whim.  This is owing to the relative brevity of the videos–where thus far I’ve seen 1 hour plus length videos both in places they had every right to be and in places they had no business being alike on this site, the Poker Hands section is entirely, blessedly bereft of them.  I mean, it’s not exactly iFunny or whatever, but I mean, it makes sense for this section not to have long videos. Clearly, they don’t draw from recorded live streams much though, or they would have had at least a few videos over half an hour long with 25 of those minutes being some hapless dingbat for no reason discernible to those of us with actual skill.

“What, you mean like YOU? Who do you think you’re fooling?” “I thought we agreed the self-deprecation thing was all played out!”

Poker Training Videos

I made a comment on the last video that you may have taken to mean I was a bit wary of what this particular section would come to.  Well, you took correctly, and that means we’re both vindicated as this section was more than a little disappointing.  From the perspective of someone not willing to archive dive, it’s not particularly useful to have the front page of video links festooned with videos of (and probably solely by) some low-to-no notoriety name like “Alec Torelli.”  I had to go all the way to page 3 before I spotted a single name I recognized…Vanessa Selbst.  Not exactly the first, second, or seventh name you’d trust to explain how to properly play this darn game.  Indeed, there seems to be far more emphasis on the basic basics here which I suppose is useful enough in its own way, but it annoyed me.  Many videos had no name associated, simply being I think a sort of mini show called “Poker Strategy” or SKY Poker Strategy, which is presided over people who may or may not in fact actually be professional poker players who cover topics such as “What is Tilt” and what “overbetting” is, questions that even the least attentive responders on this forum could answer within minutes.

My Thoughts Right Now

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I need some flipping sleep.  Next time I’ll hopefully wrap things up by covering “Documentaries” and the headings under “More.”

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