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About CardsChat

Since 2004, CardsChat has grown to become one of the internet's leading poker forums, featuring 2,190,915 posts by 136,292 valued members. It is our goal at CardsChat to be the most helpful, informative, and friendliest poker forum online. We are an independent poker portal run by true poker enthusiasts. We do not condone spam of any kind and do not use intrusive pop-ups.

In addition to the poker forums, CardsChat provides our users with a wide range of poker resources. This includes a vast poker strategy section with an online poker guide for just about anyone, ranging from beginner poker to help with moving up and even advanced strategies. We offer poker site reviews and only recommend sites that are found to be reputable and trustworthy. So whether you are looking for US poker sites or high-value poker bonuses that are exclusive to CardsChat members, we have it all.

Our News Team

While our community focuses on helping players get to grips with the game, and contributing to our site with articles, we also have a dedicated team of poker news journalists who ferret out the stories that hit every day.

Sean Gibson
Sean Gibson

Not only is Sean an experienced poker industry insider and writer, having worked for many different media outlets over the years, he’s a dab hand at the felt too. When not covering major events such as the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour, Sean can generally be found crushing 6-max or full-ring games at the Oceanside, CA, or at Caesars Palace in Vegas.

Jennifer Newell
Jennifer Newell

A talented writer with eight years’ experience in the poker industry, Jennifer comes from decent stock – she honed her knowledge of the game working for the World Poker Tour in LA. After ditching the day job, Jennifer pursued her passion for writing by setting up camp in Las Vega. If one of the crime novels she is writing ever sees the light of day, we could well lose one of the brightest poker scribes in the business.

Philip Conneller
Philip Conneller

Philip is the former editor of Bluff Europe and has written far too many articles about poker. His work has seen him interview some of the best players and sexiest celebrities, all while travelling to exotic locations. He once asked Phil Ivey how to play jacks, but the explanation did not leave him a better player. However, he did once win $20,000 with 7-2 offsuit. He currently lives in London.


Will 'Monkey' Souther has been earning a living playing his favorite game since 2004. He grinds low and medium stakes games, often blogging about his exploits. He openly speaks his mind - a fact that has caused consternation amongst many poker room managers. Monkey prides himself on being outspoken, opinionated, blunt, abrasive, brash, and mercurial. As a result, those in the poker world tend to either love or hate him.

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