Who are the

top EARNING Double acts …in TV & Film?

We take a look at some of Hollywood's most famous and loved duos and find out which actors have earned the most together.

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Bad Boys
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Toy Story
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Let's look at the

Highest Earning Duos

Whether it's cartoon twosomes, star-crossed lovers or crime-busting buddies…double acts dominate our screens. So, we rummaged through TV & film archives to discover which dynamic on-screen duos raked in the biggest bucks. Check out our table below to see which partnerships are better (off) together.

# Double Act Famous For… Solo Salary Solo Salary Combined Cash Earnings
  • 01 Chandler Bing & Joey Tribbiani 01 Matthew Perry $90M Matt LeBlanc $90M Combined Earnings $180M
  • 02 Jerry Seinfeld & George Costanza 02 Jerry Seinfield $60M Jason Alexander $45M Combined Earnings $105M
  • 03 Woody & Buzz lightyear 03 Tom Hanks $20M Tim Allen $27.1M Combined Earnings $47.1M
  • 04 Riggs & Murtaugh 04 Mel Gibson $35M Danny Glover $9.8M Combined Earnings $44.8M
  • 05 "Hawkeye" Pierce & B.J. Hunnicutt 05 Alan Alda $31.4M Mike Farrell unknown Combined Earnings $31.4M
  • 06 Fox Mulder & Dana Scully 06 David Duchovny $24M Gillian Anderson $12M Combined Earnings $36M
  • 07 Mike Lowrey & Marcus Burnett 07 Will Smith $17M Martin Lawrence $6M Combined Earnings $23M
  • 08 Doc & Marty 08 Michael J. Fox $10.3M Christopher Lloyd $10.3M Combined Earnings $20.5M
  • 09 David Starsky & Detective Ken "Hutch" 09 Ben Stiller $10M Owen Wilson $10M Combined Earnings $20M
  • 10 Stewie & Brian 10 Seth MacFarlane [both voices] $17.5M Combined Earnings $17.5M
  • 11 Rose & Jack 11 Kate Winslet $1.5M Leonardo DiCaprio $7.5M Combined Earnings $9M
  • 12 Harry & Lloyd 12 Jeff Daniels $50K Jim Carrey $7M Combined Earnings $7.1M
  • 13 Edward Lewis & Vivian Ward 13 Richard Gere $1000K Julia Roberts $300K Combined Earnings $1.3M
  • 14 Lucy Ricardo & Ethel Mertz 14 Lucille Ball $630K Vivian Vance $382.5K Combined Earnings $1M
  • 15 Chuckie Sullivan & Will Hunting 15 Ben Affleck $300K Matt Damon $300K Combined Earnings $600K
  • 16 Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield 16 John Travolta $150K Samuel L. Jackson $150K Combined Earnings $300K
  • 17 James T. Kirk & Mr. Spock 17 William Shatner $186K Leonard Nimoy $89K Combined Earnings $275K
  • 18 Batman and Robin 18 Adam West $100K Burt Ward $35K Combined Earnings $135K
top 3

Double Acts

It clearly pays to be an acting "couple". We've taken a closer look at the top three highest earning acting duos across TV & film. Find out just how much the actors behind your beloved characters got paid each minute.


Jerry Seinfeld &
Jason Alexander

# of Episodes 180
Earnings Per
Earnings Per
Toy Story

Tom Hanks &
Tim Allen

# of Movies 4
Earnings Per
Earnings Per

Matthew Perry &
Matt LeBlanc

# of Episodes 236
Earnings Per
Earnings Per
We Are Family:

Top Earning TV & Film Families

It’s not just duos that make the most moolah at the movies. We love to watch dysfunctional family units, too. With this in mind, we also took a look at individual cast earnings from TV & film’s most famous families. Check out the results below.

Everybody Loves Raymond
Total Actor Earnings $557 MILLION
  • $183M
  • $94M
  • $94M
  • $31M
  • $31M
  • $31M
  • $31M
  • $31M
  • $31M
The Simpsons
Total Actor Earnings $544 MILLION
  • $136M
  • $136M
  • $136M
  • $136M
Modern Family
Total Actor Earnings $304 MILLION
  • $54.5M
  • $80M
  • $80M
  • $65M
  • $24M
Two and a Half Men
Total Actor Earnings $239 MILLION
  • $128M
  • $100M
  • $11M
Total Actor Earnings $174 MILLION
  • $77M
  • $19M
  • $39M
  • $39M
And Finally…

The Methodology

So, how did we do it? To find out who the highest earning duos were, we researched the individual earnings of each actor that was famous for being part of a pairing in popular US TV shows and movies.

We then calculated the combined costs of the actors’ salaries to come up with the top earning overall duos.

We used the same research methods and approach to work out the highest earning families in US TV shows and movies.