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What are the Chances of catching a foul ball at the world series

Ever wondered what the odds of catching a foul ball or a home run at the World Series of baseball are? Not as great as you might think. It all depends on the flight of the ball, where you’re sat and how many people are in the stadium!

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Improving the Odds of a Catch

  • 1:1593

    Pick any seat at random for a World Series game and your odds of a catch are a ratio of 1:1593

  • 1:1293

    By avoiding sitting in the upper tier, the odds improve to 1:1293

  • 1:566

    With average attendance around 47,000 and you sitting still in a lower tier seat, the chances of a catch increase to 1:566

  • 1:113

    Nobody says you have to sit down all the time - try covering five seats, and the odds become 1:113

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World Series Foul Ball Facts

  • 01

    Average attendance during the 2018 World Series was 47,795 fans per game.

  • 02

    If you’re in upper tier seat, then there’s virtually no chance of getting your hands on a foul ball.

  • 03

    With between 8,000 and 10,000 baseball fans packed into upper tiers, that means at least a sixth of average attendees don’t have any real hope of a catch.

  • 04

    That still leaves around 39,000 fans per game who have an actual chance of getting their hands on a foul ball.

  • 05

    There’s an average of 30 of those per game in the World Series. There can be up to seven games played. That’s a maximum of 210 opportunities.

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The Best Sections to Catch a Foul Ball

  1. 01

    Sections 101 to 155 are statistically the best for catching a foul ball.

  2. 02

    Always try to find a corner spot in the front row at a section end where there’s nothing to one side.

  3. 03

    Any seat 400 feet away from the field maximum will increase your chances of getting a foul ball.

  • Citi Field

    Citi Field

    You want to be in section 110 at the home of the New York Mets to give yourself the best chance of a catch.

  • T-mobile Park

    T-Mobile Park

    Seattle Mariners fans, get yourself into sections 139-143 of the old Safeco Field if you want to increase the odds of catching a foul ball.

  • Oracle Park

    Oracle Park/AT&T Park

    If you’re in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco and fancy a spot of baseball, then visit AT&T Park. Section 101 in the home of the Giants is the best for catches.

  • Tropicana Field

    Tropicana Field

    Head to The Trop in the St Petersburg area of Florida to see the Tampa Bay Rays play. Section 104 is widely regarded as the one where you’re most likely to take a catch.

  • Wrigley Field

    Wrigley Field

    The North Side of Chicago is where the Cubs play. Should you attend Wrigley Field, then sections 10-14, and 111-114 give you greater opportunities of catches. Sections 15-16 and 115-117 are less likely, however, because of baseball trajectories in the event of extended netting. Across the diamond, meanwhile, seats in sections 27-32 are your best bet. Sections 24-26 and 125-126 are possible too, but again ball trajectory may push it into extended netting.

  • Great American Ball Park

    Great American Ball Park

    Just tell Cincinnati, sections 127-131 on the first base side and 116-119 on the third base line are where to go for foul balls. This Ohio stadium houses Cincinnati Reds home games.

  • Miller Park

    Miller Park

    Wisconsin baseball team, the Milwaukee Brewers play here. Seeking a catch? Try sections 121-123 down the third base side where most foul balls go. You’ve also got a good chance in sections 112-114 on the first base side.

  • PNC Park

    PNC Park

    The North Shore of Pittsburgh is where the Pirates play. Catches are most likely to be taken in sections 120-124 and 109-113 of this Pennsylvania stadium. You get a great view of Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park too!

  • Busch Stadium

    Busch Stadium

    This is the third stadium in St Louis, Missouri to carry that name. The Cardinals play their baseball here and sections 153-156 are rated best for catching.

  • Fenway Park

    Fenway Park

    Friendly Fenway is home to the Boston Red Sox. Your chances of catching a foul ball here depend on whether you’re in one of the box seats. EMC Club and Loge seats down the first and third base lines give you a good chance. Pavilion boxes near the infield are the same. If you’ve brought kids with you, then Field Boxes 8-10 on the right field and 72-76 in left field are near the ball boys and girls.

  • Dodger Stadium

    Dodger Stadium

    Only Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are older MLB stadiums than the home of the LA Dodgers. If you want to take a catch, head to the lower rows of Field Level sections 52-53. The front rows of sections 26-37 are the best spot for requesting foul ball grounders from ball boys and girls.

  • Minute Maid Park

    Minute Maid Park

    Houston, we have a problem. Take your seats in sections 101-103 for the best chances of catches in the Astros’ home stadium.

  • Petco Park

    Petco Park

    Downtown San Diego is where the Padres play and section 107 is the most likely place to take a catch.

  • Kauffman Stadium

    Kauffman Stadium

    The K is home to the Kansas City Royals. In this ballpark, sections 111-115 and 140-44 are places where you’ve got the best chance of catching a foul ball.

  • Coors Field

    Coors Field

    They place baseball in The Mile High City too. Downtown Denver is where you’ll find this stadium and section 143 of the Colorado Rockies’ home park is the place to be for catches.

  • Citizens Bank Park

    Citizens Bank Park

    Philadelphia Phillies fans should aim for seats in sections 108-110 to give themselves most chance of catching a foul ball in this stadium.

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Top Tips for Catching a Foul Ball

  1. Get there early

    Most ballparks open at least 90 minutes before first pitch. You might find a baseball in the seats or you can ask a player, they might just throw you one!

  2. Avoid right down the line

    Not as many balls get hit that way. Front rows are always crowded, but don’t get further than 400 feet away or your chances of a catch go down big time.

  3. Think about areas

    For right-handed batters, pretend there’s a line from the left fielder through the home plate and up into the stands. Your best angle for catches is to the first base side of the home plate.

  4. Freedom to move

    Make sure you have some room to move about, especially left and right. You might be competing with others for a catch!

  5. Follow the outfielders

    Watch the outfield players and where they are positioned. They’re set in places where balls are expected to go.

  6. Take a kid with you

    If foul balls roll down the line, fielders often pick them up, and hand or toss them to a kid. Everyone’s a winner when your child goes home happy.

  7. Take a glove with you

    Baseball gloves are bigger than your hands. Don’t forget, they’re specifically designed for catching baseballs!

  8. Learn from the experts

    Zack Hample's books on catching foul balls are worth a read. He’s caught around 9,800 baseballs since 1990, including Barry Bonds' 724th career home run and a 3000th hit from Alex Rodriguez.

  9. Know the players

    Right-handed batters usually hit to left field and vice versa for lefties but watch out for pull-hitters. Watch batting practice before a game to see where most home runs go.

Best catches in history

  • oct 9, 1996

    Yankee Stadium,

    American baseball fan Jeffrey "Jeff" Maier received media attention for an incident he was involved in aged 12. During the first game of the 1996 American League Championship Series between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles, he deflected a ball hit by Derek Jeter. into the Yankee Stadium stands. Umpires declared it to be a home run, rather than fan interference. Maier altered the course of the game, as the home run brought the Yankees to a tie. They later won the game, then the series 4-1 and eventually the World Series.

  • may 20, 2014

    Fenway Park,

    Toronto’s Dioner Navarro hit a ground rule double into the stands in Boston. It was an easy catch for one fan with popcorn in his lap and he kept on eating it all the while!

  • Aug 14, 2014

    Yankee Stadium,

    Actor Chris Rock was on hand and made a young kid’s day by offering the foul ball as a souvenir.

  • may 12, 2011

    Oriole Park at Camden Yards,

    Zack Hample proved himself an expert foul ball catcher when he caught not one, not two but three during an Orioles game. This incredible feat was even highlighted by broadcasters covering the game.

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