Best Real Money Poker Three Card Poker Sites 2022

Three Card poker is a relative newbie to the casino world. Played directly between the player and the dealer, this popular casino game is fast, easy to play, and offers a relatively high return to player (RTP):

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Pulsz Casino
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Ratings are determined by the CardsChat editorial team. This team carries out a strict auditing process when reviewing sites, assessing payout speed, game variety, software quality, level of security, mobile compatibility, and customer service.
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The world of online poker sites is growing every day, and even with regulators focusing more on consumer safety, there are still some less-than-reputable sites that slip through the cracks.

We believe it is vital to not only provide information on good sites, but also on those that are less trustworthy.


Oddspoker has been accused in the past of embezzling players' funds. Now operating under an Antigua license. Oddspoker is still not a guaranteed safe place to play, the same is true of other sites that share its network, such as PokerOne and Vegas24. Such a murky past is reason enough to avoid this site.


This is one of the biggest US-facing sites at the moment, but popularity doesn't always correlate to trustworthiness. The site's recent record (as of January 2020) shows erratic records with player payouts. In addition, affiliates were told the program had shut down back in June of 2015.

How We Rate Our Poker Sites

We set the bar high when it comes to Three Card poker sites. Some features that make a great site include:


Compatibility is extremely important for players who want to play Three Card poker apps on their Android, iPhone or Windows devices.

Game Selection

We consider it important that a Three Card poker site has a good range of other games available too, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Five-Card stud and more.

Payment Options

Poker sites that receive top ranking from us must provide a variety of payment options, with quick and easy deposits and withdrawals.

Platform Interface

We only recommend real money poker sites that offer games of the highest standard, from top quality names such as Microgaming and NetEnt. Games from these developers guarantee a swift, smooth, and enjoyable experience.


All our recommended sites use state-of-the-art encryption technology and firewalls, guaranteeing players are always kept safe, whether using public or private connections.


24/7 support is a must for the sites we recommend. We make sure someone will always be on hand to deal with player queries or complaints if something goes wrong. We expect a high standard of complaint resolution, and a fast response time.

How to Play Three Card poker

How to play
Three Card Poker
in 5 Steps
1. Wager

Players place their wagers on the Ante and/or Pair Plus circles on the table

2. Cards are dealt
Cards are dealt

The dealer gives a three-card hand to each participating player

3. Fold or play on

The player views their hand, and chooses to fold or play on

4. Card comparison
Card comparison

The dealer's hand
(if containing a queen or above) will be compared to the player's hands

5. The winnings
The winnings

Players with a better hand than the dealer will receive even money for their bets

Different Types of Three Card poker

Three Card poker is an easy game to pick up, suitable for players of all experience levels. There are two basic ways to play Three Card poker.

  1. Ante-Play

    Ante-Play is the basic form of Three Card poker against the dealer. Here you place a wager in the ante space before the cards are dealt. If you then decide to play on after seeing your cards, you must place a bet equal to the ante in the play space. If the dealer's hand does not contain a queen, you will receive even money on the ante bet and the play bet will be returned. If the dealer's hand does contain a queen, you will receive even money on both the ante and play bets if you win the hand and lose both if the dealer wins.

    Winning hands in order are mini-royal flush, straight flush, three of a kind, straight, flush, pair, highest card.

    Regardless of winning or losing, players will receive an ante bonus for a straight (or straight flush) or three of a kind.

  2. Pair Plus

    The Pair Plus bet is an even simpler form of Three Card poker, this game is not really between you and the dealer, but between you and yourself. By placing a bet in the Pair Plus space, you are simply betting on whether you are dealt a pair. If you receive any pair in the three cards you are dealt, you win, regardless of whether the dealer beats your hand in the ante game. If you do not receive a pair, you lose.

Mobile Three Card poker

As a simple game, Three Card poker is a perfect option for mobile play. This is partly due to the game not requiring a large screen, and due to the numerous options available for Android and iPhone players.

Android Devices

Android users will find many Three Card poker apps in the Play Store. The best options amongst these apps provide excellent graphics, smooth gameplay, and an easy to use interface. Again, the simplicity of the game really helps here. Three Card poker games powered by Android tend to be fast to load, and seamless to play, offering an excellent online poker experience from anywhere.

Best casino for Android:

Replay Poker

Best games provider for Android:

Replay Poker

Best mobile poker for Android:

Three Card poker

iPhone Devices

iPhone users are spoilt for choice when it comes to apps providing Three Card poker play. Swift, smooth, and attractive games are a dime a dozen, with the top level providing immersive gameplay, and high-quality graphics even on smaller screens. iPhone powered Three Card poker titles perform delightfully, with not a stutter or a long load time in sight.

Best Casino for IPhone:

Replay Poker

Best games provider for iPhone:

Replay Poker

Best mobile poker for iPhone:

Three Card poker
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What is the best online casino for Three Card poker?

Picking where to play is as important as choosing what game to go for. View our comprehensive list of the very best sites offering Three Card poker.

Why should I play Three Card poker?

One of the most tempting aspects of Three Card poker is the relatively low house edge, especially in the ante-game.

The simple nature of the game is also a big plus, ante-play is a basic one on one game against the dealer, with an easy to understand win or lose outcome. Pair Plus play is simpler still, with the player betting on whether their hand will contain a pair.

What are the odds of winning in Three Card poker?

The player has a 44.91% chance of winning a hand in Three Card poker if choosing ante play, the dealer has a 55.03% chance of winning, and the possibility of a draw is slim, at just 0.06%. If there is a draw, a push is called, and ante and play bets are returned to the player.

What is the house edge in Three Card poker?

The expected RTP for ante play is 97.99%, making the house edge just 2.01%. The expected RTP for the Pair Plus game is 95.62%, while the 6 Card Bonus Side Bet (explained below) has a higher house edge, with an RTP of 89.78%.

What's the best Three Card poker strategy to use?

The simplest and most effective Three Card poker strategy is to bet when your cards are Q-6-4 or better, or if your high card is a K or A. If none of your hands are a queen or higher, fold immediately, regardless of the value of the cards.

What's the best hand in Three Card poker?

The best hand in Three Card poker is a mini-royal flush, which is A, K, Q of any matching suit. This is a very rare hand, coming in an average of once every 5,525 hands. The next most valuable hand, a straight flush, lands every 502 hands on average.

Does straight beat flush in Three Card poker?

A straight flush is the second most valuable hand in Three Card poker, it beats three of a kind, a straight, a flush, and a pair (in that order).

What is the 6 Card Bonus in Three Card poker?

The 6 Card Bonus is an optional side bet in Three Card poker. This bonus involves taking the best five card poker hand that can be made by combining the player?s hand and the dealers. If the best hand is three of a kind or above, a bonus is paid to the player. This side bet has a considerably higher house edge (10.22%) than Ante-Play and Pair Plus bets.

What's the easiest casino game to win?

The casino game with the highest RTP is blackjack, at over 99% when played with the correct strategy, but the added pressure of a one-on-one battle with the dealer and the ability to Hit at the wrong time leaves a lot of space for human error. Three Card poker, with its 97.99% RTP (for Ante-Play) is arguably easier to win, because you make your bets based on a three-card hand, and the dealer cannot continue to play unless they have a queen high or above.