Online Gambling in South Africa

February 21, 2017
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The Best South African Gambling Sites

South Africa Online Gambling Sites Tested and Reviewed by Experts
Online Gambling South Africa

Ever wonder how big South Africa online gambling is? Let’s put it this way. A few years ago, when the WSOP looked to expand internationally for the second time, they chose South Africa. And it’s pretty clear why. With more casino resorts like Sun City cropping up, loads of live poker tournaments, and more star players emerging from the region, South Africans love the idea of winning at online casino games and becoming a poker champion from home.

Want to get in on South African online gambling fun? We found the best SA Internet wagering sites that offer special deals specifically for players like you.

Whether you prefer poker, slots, or table games, we'll show you how to:

  • Find the best sites that welcome South Africans
  • Download software and apps or play instantly in your browser
  • Claim cash bonuses just for signing up
  • Fund your account fast to start playing in a matter of minutes
  • Enjoy games on your computer, smartphone, and tablet in SA
  • Win real money without leaving the comforts of home

In February 2017, our top rated online gambling site for South Africa is Springbok Casino.

Below you will find our top rated gambling online sites for South African players. You can wager at them with confidence, knowing that each site was tested and approved by our team of experts.

South African Online Gambling Law as of February 2017

The South African government is not as keen on Internet gambling in South Africa, though. It seems that the government passed a law in 2011 to deter online gambling companies from doing business with players in that country. However, players were not addressed in the law, which makes it safe for South African online gambling fans to compete without fear of criminal prosecution at this time. While the desire for online betting and gaming is there, international online casinos will offer real money services to players in SA.

Players in SA are beginning to demand the freedom to enjoy gambling online, and the government is beginning to listen. In the meantime, there are numerous Internet gambling websites that offer virtual casino action to those players.

The best licenced international online casinos not only welcome players from South Africa, but they also let you play using the SA rand.

Finding Top Real Money Online Gambling Sites

It can be a daunting task to search for great gaming places on the web and find so many options. Where do you start? How can you find out what sites offer the best real money welcome bonuses? Which sites meet the international standards for licensing and offer good security to their customers? Who has the best range of top games and good player traffic? These are all questions that should be answered before choosing a South African Internet gambling site and depositing funds.

The good news is we take care of the whole process for you. Our experts sift through the good options to find you the very best South African gambling sites. We compare and test dozens of Internet betting rooms to find the places that offer the most to SA players. We check for top security and audited software and efficiency of deposits and cashouts. We will even make sure that that customer support is 100%.

How about trying a skill-based online card game? If you want to mix up strategy, skill and luck, poker might just be the game for you. Here at CardsChat we only feature the very best poker sites for South Africans. Just like our casino site reviews, we review them in-depth so you can just sit back and play.

Get a Great South Africa Cash Bonus

Our comparisons and reviews consider where to go to find the best deposit bonuses. If you’re a new customer from SA looking for a first deposit welcome bonus or a returning customer hunting out a top loyalty programme, we’ll tell you where to go. We also look at the games offered, from the number of different games to the variations of each, whether it's for real money casino blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’em poker, or slot machines. A lot of Internet gambling options also have Live Dealer games, progressive jackpots, and major daily tournaments: the best rooms will offer everything for players in South Africa.

More SA Players Choose Online Gambling Every Day

South African gambling fans can get ahead of the game by claiming a cash bonus. Get the perks you deserve for signing up and funding your account at a top SA online casino.

The bottom line is that Internet gambling is simple and convenient. Players can take to the real money online casino tables at any time of the day or night, for a few minutes or a few hours, and play any of hundreds of games offered. Bankroll management is easy, as an online gambling account provides records of all transactions, and deposits and withdrawals are made simple with numerous options for South African gambling customers.

The bottom line in 2017 is that Internet gambling is simple and convenient. South African players can take to the online casino tables at any time of the day or night - for a few minutes or a few hours - and play any one of hundreds of betting games offered. Bankroll management is easy, as an online gambling account provides records of all transactions, and deposits and withdrawals are made simple with numerous options for South African gambling customers.

With our good recommendations, we offer the top real money online gambling options for South Africa gambling nuts. Don’t waste another minute: scour our pages, find some top links, and get a great welcome bonus now. Within minutes, you will be betting on your favourite casino games and building your bankroll in the process.

South Africa Online Gambling FAQ

It's natural to have questions about online gambling. Here are the answers to frequently asked question about internet wagering in SA:

Is online gambling legal in South Africa?

Online gambling in South Africa falls into a grey area. All the laws that aim to curb online casinos target operators. That means you can't set up your own online casino within South Africa. Chances are you're more interested in enjoying a few spins on a roulette wheel or hands of poker rather than going into the gaming business.

While most experts believe that the government will allow domestic online casinos to operate within the nation's borders, who knows how long that will take? Governments aren't exactly known for swift decisions. Until then internet casinos that welcome SA players operate from abroad and thousands of your fellow citizens are enjoying them right now.

Is online gambling regulated?

With the exception of sports betting and horseracing, none of South Africa's gambling and racing boards regulate online casino games. Luckily SA gamblers can rely on international sites that are based overseas. Many nations do regulate online gambling and licences casinos as well as poker rooms. If you hear about SA players winning big on the internet, they are playing at international sites that welcome players from across the globe.

Are online gambling winnings taxable?

Recreational gambling winnings are not taxable in South Africa. If you are a poker pro who subsists by winning huge tournaments, the South African Revenue Service may expect a cut of the action. It's always best to consult with a tax professional, but having to pay taxes because you find yourself suddenly wealthy isn't much of a deterrent.

What gambling games can I play?

SA casinos online offer every imaginable game. Choose from countless variations of poker, slots, table games, lottery games, sports betting, and horse racing. If you can find it in the real world, then it's even easier to find it online at any hour of the day or night.

Which games are more popular in South Africa?

Slots are easily the most popular casino game in South Africa. This is true at both live casinos and on the internet. Many licenced casinos offer a few hundred slots including traditional three-reel games and more elaborate five-reel versions. Online poker is also gaining traction across South Africa.

How do I start playing for real money?

Playing for real money is simple and you can start enjoying the fun within minutes. All you have to do is choose a top SA online casino, download an app or opt to play instantly in your browser, create an account, and make a deposit. You'll be able to choose from popular South African banking methods including credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, electronic wallets, and more. Just choose how much you want to deposit, how you wish to pay, and confirm. The whole process is painless and you can easily start playing within five minutes.

What games have the best winning opportunities?

If you want to win more often, it's best to stick to games featuring some element of skill like multi-player poker, video poker, or blackjack. Of course that will require some initial work on your part. You'll need to learn the right move for every situation. Luckily there are many great game guides on this site that you can refer to as you play.

Is it possible to make money gambling?

While there are professional gamblers who owe their entire fortune to gambling, these people are the exception rather than the rule. It's best to treat gambling as a recreational activity. Know your odds and never risk more than you can stand to lose. If you have this attitude, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised with the results. People do hit jackpots and win huge tournaments all the time. Yet realistic expectations are almost as important as knowing the rules themselves.

Are gambling games rigged?

When you visit a live casino or poker room the cards are shuffled before your eyes, the roulette wheel spins in the accordance with the laws of physics, and dice fall where they may. With the exception of live dealer games, online casino games operate more like a video game. All the cards, dice, and spinning wheels or reels are governed by a random number generator or RNG. These RNGs are complicated computer algorithms that mathematically mirror what could happen in real world events. When you play at a licenced casino, the results are random and the software is regularly audited for accuracy. If anything, there is a greater chance that games are rigged at live casinos.

Are the sites safe?

When you choose a top SA online casino, you'll always have peace of mind whenever you play. All licensed sites are committed to providing fair games, protecting your financial info, and safeguarding your personal data. The best sites proudly display their safety credentials and highlight any special measures they take to keep you safe including advanced encryption. Many gambling sites employ auditing and security firms to rigorously test every facet of the site.

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Best Online Gambling Site for South Africans
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Great so far I started on Springbok to play slots and I'm very happy with the games. It was easy to deposit and I've won a bit of money too!

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