The 15 Sexiest Woman in Poker

There's no question the twists and turns of real money poker can leave you breathless at times. No one ever said it would be easy, and it's not when you're doing it right. That means doing the math, sizing up the opposition, and taking the right risks at crucial moments.

But there's another side to your favorite pastime in the modern poker era that'll have you searching high and low for that misplaced breath of yours. Really smart and beautiful women are bringing serious game to the tables. Good luck out-foxing these palpably flammable tributes to well-sculpted flesh!

We present these testaments to genetic excellence in last name alphabetic order. Also see the Top 10 Female Poker Players guide.


Age: 31

Town: Kent, England

Earnings: $3,028,745

  • Liv Boeree 1
  • Liv Boeree 2
  • Liv Boeree 3

Born in 1984 in Kent, England, the Iron Maiden has turned heads both at the table and for the camera since being selected for the Showdown reality TV show in 2005. It makes more than a little sense that so heavenly a body would go on to study physics and astrophysics. Liv exudes a calm confidence that accentuates a form hardly in need of amplification . We hope her continued success keeps her in every possible spotlight.


Age: 42

Town: Houston, TX

Earnings: $235,866

  • Shannon Elizabeth 1
  • Shannon Elizabeth 2
  • Shannon Elizabeth 3

Shannon Elizabeth has broken more than a few molds since gracing our world in 1973. Born in Houston, Texas, she's been a huge success in modeling , Hollywood movies and TV shows - and of course poker. A big, wide smile, inviting eyes, and velvety skin, she's the visual equivalent of an electric fence. And that's on an average day! Your imagination has every reason to wonder why it need make any effort at all when given Shannon to ponder.


Age: 44

Town: Dallas, TX

Earnings: $1,640,000

  • Clonie Gowen 1
  • Clonie Gowen 2
  • Clonie Gowen 3

Cycalona "Clonie" Gowen is a serious visual force of nature to be reckoned with. Born in Florida in 1971, she soon moved to Oklahoma where at age 15 she won Miss Teen McAlester. Her long, successful poker career began with a top ten finish at the 2002 World Poker Tour. But we're a tad bit more focused on why you just can't take your eyes off her - whether she's radiating the sleek, delicate look of success, or rendering you helpless with her cute, girlish smile.


Age: 51

Town: Las Vegas, NV

Earnings: $1,022,174

  • Jennifer Harman 1
  • Jennifer Harman 2
  • Jennifer Harman 3

Jennifer was born in Reno, Nevada in 1964. She enjoys the rarified air of being only one of two women to win two World Series of Poker bracelets. But she also quickly wins the heart and infatuation of every eye that falls upon her. Adorably sweet, nobody in the game wears a tank top and jeans better. Indeed, Jennifer's a glance-stealing cutie pie from head to boots!


Age: 40

Town: Reno, NV

Earnings: $2,000,000

  • Shana Hiatt 1
  • Shana Hiatt 2
  • Shana Hiatt 3

Born in 1975, this stunner whose formative years obviously proceeded without a hitch had a successful modeling career that included Playboy appearances and pageant wins. Hosting the TV show World Poker Tour its first three years, Shana eventually became a legitimate player in both online and brick and mortar haunts. Nevertheless, when Shana goes all bodily in, you have no choice but to fold.


Age: 37

Town: Las Vegas, NV

Earnings: $45,024

  • Lacey Jones 1
  • Lacey Jones 2
  • Lacey Jones 3

Lacey Jones is a long-legged product of San Antonio Texas, born in 1979. This multi-talented actress and model began playing poker in childhood, appearing in the World Series of Poker beginning in 2005. But it's fair to say Lacey would do at least as well in a World Series of Swimsuit, where her tantalizing curves and lithe limbs are as epic to the eye as Moby Dick is to literature.


Age: 37

Town: Warsaw, Poland

Earnings: $1,000,000

  • Joanna Krupa 1
  • Joanna Krupa 2
  • Joanna Krupa 3

This bombshell born in 1981 in Warsaw may single-handedly be the reason people don't joke about Poland anymore. She's been melting the camera lenses of major fashion magazines, films, and TV shows from an early age. Joanna surprised even herself by winning a $1 million charity poker event, marking her entrance into the poker world where she went on to become the spokesperson for Titan and place impressively at the WSOP Main Event. But when you get right down to basics, she's a supremely mouth-watering shrine to the female form.


Age: 41

Town: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Earnings: $829,051

  • Liz Lieu 1
  • Liz Lieu 2
  • Liz Lieu 3

This Vietnamese kitten was born in 1974, playing the game with claws since breaking into World Series of Poker tournament play in 2005, with a lot of top ten finishes since. It's easy to get distracted in her warm, sexy smile. But she's all business once the chips are out in front of her seductively petite frame. Even so, when this feline dynamo roars you'll be paying out every last precious drop of your attention.


Age: 40

Town: Victoriaville, Quebec

Earnings: $1,227,911

  • Isabelle Mercier 1
  • Isabelle Mercier 2
  • Isabelle Mercier 3

"No Mercy" Mercier was born in Victoriaville, Quebec in 1975, and learned to play poker as a child. She garnered worldwide attention with a second place finish at the Masters Classic of Poker tournament in Amsterdam in 2002. This shrewd player with a law degree takes no prisoners on the table. Yet there's something in her cool manner that anchors and blends her already spectacular features into an overall visual masterpiece impossible to turn away from.


Age: 40

Town: Toronto, Ontario

Earnings: $377,191

  • Evelyn Ng 1
  • Evelyn Ng 2
  • Evelyn Ng 3

Evybabee was born in 1975 in Toronto, Ontario. Evelyn's poker career progressed from her beginnings at age 17, through a relationship with none other than Daniel Negreanu, and on to notoriety on the World Poker Tour in 2003. She's smart, fashionable, and easily underestimated given her tight little body. But don't be deceived: this girl's got body and a ton of game.


Age: 38

Town: Akron, Ohio

Earnings: $870,000

  • Erica Shoenberg 1
  • Erica Shoenberg 2
  • Erica Shoenberg 3

Born in 1978 in Akron, Ohio, Poker Babe has shined in many tournaments, winning over $870,000 along the way. Her sometimes-detached look gives way to a heart-melting smile. But no sooner are you thinking she's the girl next door than she's deep in thought, and then silently the calm queen of the table. Suffice it to say you'll spend a lot of time wondering what's going through Erica's pretty little head.


Age: 40

Town: Alberta, Canada

Earnings: $658,222

  • Kara Scott 1
  • Kara Scott 2
  • Kara Scott 3

The Great Scott was born in Alberta, Canada in 1977, and began a lifetime association with poker when she co-hosted the TV show Sky Poker in 2007. Her athletic build looks great in a cap, but she's also right at home on the red carpet. She's had great success in many tournaments, bolstering her reputation for being the kind of happy yet sultry babe you wish you'd find more often at tables.


Age: 46

Town: Philadelphia, PA

Earnings: $481,809

  • Beth Shak 1
  • Beth Shak 2
  • Beth Shak 3

Beth came into this world a charmer in 1969. While also known as a serious entrepreneur and owner of a renowned shoe collection, she launched her professional poker career in 2004. While ranked high on the Women's All Time Money List, Beth is clearly a good bet to remain high on poker's Easy on the Eyes list. Indeed, when Beth turns it on, all bets for clarity of thought are off!


Age: 57

Town: Los Angeles, CA

Earnings: $918,598

  • Jennifer Tilly 1
  • Jennifer Tilly 2
  • Jennifer Tilly 3

Jennifer was born in Los Angeles, California in 1958. She's an accomplished actress of film, TV, and Broadway, and has fared well in the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, and televised poker shows. She makes no bones about intentionally wearing low-cut tops in the presence of cameras anxious to catch the action. Her sassy attitude compliments her daring sense of style nicely, and her mischievous smirk resonates with directors and poker fans alike.


Age: 43

Town: Manassas, VA

Earnings: N/A

  • Leeann Tweeden 1
  • Leeann Tweeden 2
  • Leeann Tweeden 3

Leeann is an American model born in Manassas, Virginia in 1973. Her association with poker has been primarily as the host of the popular TV show, Poker After Dark. Well-loved by every camera that's ever had the pleasure of meeting her, Leeann is old-school tease with a taut, youthful body that'll shake you like a powerless Raggedy Andy in its powerful jaws. Whatever you do, don't take even merely a small dose of Leeann and attempt to operate motor vehicles or farm equipment!