Google Glass At the Poker Table? takes a prototype on a field test in a back room poker game.

Hi everyone!

Well April Fools has come and gone and we really hope you enjoyed our fun video that showed how Google Glass might be used for playing poker (and the consequences of getting caught). Using gadgets to get ahead in gambling games is certainly nothing new and the sheer variety (as well as the ingenuity of the inventors) is simply staggering.

We had a lot of fun making our Google Glass and poker video. We got creative with the characters and the features, putting our poker hero into as many sticky situations as possible. Finding the people who took on the roles of the different characters was fun too - and they did a great job.

But perhaps our little video is not so far off. Who is to say that such devices are not already out there? Certainly, all of the features we put into our video are based on existent technology. Perhaps someone has already found a way to combine them into a single device...

So maybe the next time you sit down at a poker table, you might look a little closer at the guy or gal wearing shades. They might not be just hiding their eye movements. Instead, they might be monitoring your heart-rate or zooming in on your pupil dilation. Pay attention to what they say - it might not be idle chatter, but concealed voice commands that are giving them the ability to take your money in pot after pot.

Be careful out there you never know who is watching, or what glasses they are using to watch you with