Wynn Las Vegas Lays Out Plans for Reopening Poker Room

Las Vegas poker rooms will be taking some precautionary measures due to COVID-19 when they reopen. Wynn, home to one of the most popular card rooms in town, has already laid out its plan to keep staff and customers safe.

Wynn poker room

All Las Vegas poker rooms are empty right now. But they’ll hopefully soon be reopening, when it’s safe. (Image: lasvegasweekly.com)

Wynn, a luxurious Las Vegas Strip resort, has been closed since mid-March. Per a 23-page plan released by the casino, the property anticipates reopening within a few weeks.

CEO Matt Maddox is asking Nevada Gov. Stephen Sisolak to allow casinos in the Silver State to reopen as soon as possible. As we reported last month, Las Vegas is expected to be one of the hardest-hit cities financially due to COVID-19.

As such, Sisolak has taken some heat from those who don’t believe coronavirus is harmful, or simply don’t feel the loss of human life outweighs the financial burden. The governor’s orders currently require casinos in the state to remain closed until April 30. But given the unpredictable nature of COVID-19, that date appears unlikely. For reference, South Point plans to furlough most employees effective May 3. That means the casino isn’t expecting to open soon.

But Las Vegas poker rooms such as Wynn already have plans in place for whenever they can reopen. And you can expect a cleaner environment, to say the least.

Casinos Taking Steps to Put Customers at Ease

Wynn Resorts released a 23-page memo detailing safety plans for its eventual reopening. In the document, the casino shared new procedures that will be in place upon reopening, including advising guests to social distance. The most innovative measure is to require all patrons entering the casino to submit to non-invasive temperature checks utilizing thermal cameras. Anyone displaying a temperature over 100.0°F will be taken to a private area for a second temperature screening.

If a guest is confirmed to have a temperature exceeding 100.0°F, they will be asked to leave the property. As for the poker room, many changes are expected to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. These include supervisors sanitizing poker chairs after each player leaves, and sanitizing the automatic shufflers every hour. Chips will also be sanitized regularly, a stark contrast to previous procedures at most Las Vegas poker rooms.

Wynn Poker Room also plans to take social distancing requests from the CDC seriously. Per the casino’s memo, every other poker table will remain empty at all times. Seating will be limited, although the exact maximum occupancy is yet to be determined.

Poker room staff will also be asked to advise customers to sanitize their hands prior to sitting down in a game. Here’s the complete list of poker-room protocols outlined in a half page of the document:

11. Poker Operations

Cleaning & Sanitizing Protocol

a) Supervisors to sanitize table game rails after each customer leaves (ongoing)

b) Supervisors to sanitize each chair area after a customer leaves (ongoing)

c) Supervisors to sanitize the outside of shufflers every hour; inside to be cleaned once per week

d) Supervisors to sanitize podiums at least once per hour including phones, computers, Veridocs, all hard surface and cabinetry

e) Dealers to sanitize in table rating units each time they enter a game

f) Dealers to sanitize toke boxes

g) Chip sanitation solutions being reviewed – pending expert guidance

Physical Distancing Protocol

a) Every other table open and tables to be staggered

b) Maximum seating to be established based on expert guidance

c) Dealers to verbally give breaks instead of “tapping in” and maintain appropriate separation

Guest Considerations

a) Guests will be reminded to sanitize their hands prior to the start of play

b) Food service protocols to be reviewed

Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


Poker_Mike wrote...

These are some of the elements necessary in a comprehensive safety plan. Clearly the Wynn has put a lot of thought and expertise into it and will improve the plan as needed.

Even though every other table will be empty the tables that players are playing at will be 9-handed (or 10-handed in tournaments) – this is not 6 ft social distancing.

If you’ve ever had a player next to you at a live table with really bad breath….then you can imagine how easily you could catch covid19 from a player that has yet to exhibit symptoms.

I hope no one gets sick and I look forward to poker rooms opening again as soon as possible.


Christopher Boyle wrote...

Leave me out. There is simply no way I am going to sit down at a table of 9 players and a dealer during this pandemic, ESPECIALLY at a casino that jumped the gun and opened early. My choice is life over poker.


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