Chat Feature Removed Ahead of Upcoming Online Bracelet Series, the online poker site hosting the first half of the upcoming WSOP online bracelet series, has mysteriously banned its chat feature. And the company won’t explain why, or for how long, players will be prohibited from chatting.

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You can’t insult bad players on anymore. (Image:

Many poker players on social media reported the chat’s disappearance over the weekend. But the poker site is keeping tight-lipped on this issue, at least for now.

CardsChat News reached out to via live chat and were told by a customer service representative simply, “it was a managerial decision.” When we asked how long player chat would be banned we were then told, “they haven’t told us yet.”

Other players have contacted customer service for answers. They include Ben Abrahams (“chaipoker” on, who said, “not having chat is really frustrating.” Abrahams logs 8-10 hours of play on the poker site each day and occasionally likes to communicate with other players in the games he plays. He, along with every other player on the site, won’t be able to do that for the time being.

Odd Timing

While isn’t talking about its lack of chat, it’s likely poker Twitter will be during the online bracelet series if the feature isn’t reinstated. And that begs the question: was the chat feature removed due to concerns with the upcoming major poker event?

We can’t answer that question as the poker site won’t provide those details at this time. Some players on social media suggest that chat was banned to help prevent collusion during the online bracelet series, or to ensure players aren’t verbally attacking others during the series. will host 31 gold bracelet events during the month of July, beginning on the 1st. But if the chat feature remains unavailable, you won’t be able to call your opponents donkeys or cuss them out for chasing a runner-runner flush.

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Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


V A Kelly wrote...

Many players this year will be live players stuck without a live tournament. Online chat is often offensive, racially insulting, misogynistic, hostile, bullying, berating, very immature and annoying. Online players often make comments about players in active hands no matter if they are in the hands and speculate on hands during play. If the kind of online chat occurred live at the LIVE WSOP …it would be dealt with by dealer, floor, or other
players and not tolerated. Those who
persist would be tossed if they didn’t stop. A very expensive consequence. I hope chat stays mute OR staff monitor and respond immediately to violations.


pcbob wrote...

you always had the chance to turn off players chats so you don’t see them. Why penalize all for just a few idiots on the site when you can turn off their chats. You must not play much on there to know that feature was available.


YukonBob wrote...

Well this is an old argument and there is a feature called MUTE that you can activate for any player in the game. It’s like watching TV, don’t like the channel ? Change it. Social talking is part of the game and if you don’t wish to see or talk you can mute your part. But, chatting is part of the game even in real play. Get over it. This way BOT Players can play all day long and no one can tell. So, in closing I think that the POKER SITES have bots playing for them so they don’t have to pay out large amounts of money to anyone. That’s how they make money and don’t tell me they don’t do it. They have been caught many times doing it and I think they still do it. I say just STOP all ONLINE Playing and forget it. If we all need to be watched and told what to do by a tourney director or dealer we don’t need online play.


RiverRat wrote...

I agree, I have come against many bot players in the Blast game especially when you are fortunate enough to get a good blast. It is very frustrating.

tommychong wrote...


pcbob wrote...

Still I miss the chat feature to chat with friends. You could always turn off the chat for certain people if you wanted so the above message is bad.

1 wrote...

It’s big brother, censorship is just one of many options.


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