WSOP Day 37: First WSOP Gold for Jaffee and Hui

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Jared Jaffee, WSOP 2014, World Series of Poker
Jared Jaffee seems happy with his Mixed Max gold bracelet. (Image: WSOP)

The Big One for One Drop may have finished on Tuesday, but Wednesday brought the Little One for One Drop that everyone can enjoy. As the only tournament of the summer with unlimited reentries, the $1K NLHE tournament drew thousands of players to the tables. Many of them reentered, and it was a frenzy of action for the first four hours.

When things settled, the numbers were significant, but another starting day remains. Players who busted yesterday may reenter again today, and there will surely be a period of reentry madness to start the action.

Many members of Team CardsChat are playing the Little One for One Drop today, and some of them did yesterday as well. We will update when all of the reentries are done and some final numbers emerge.

Event 58: $1,500 NLHE Mixed Max (Day 3 of 3)

The low buy-in Mixed Max event started as follows:

Entries: 1,475
Prize pool: $1,991,250
Place paid: 162

By Day 3, only 10 players were left in the tournament and Jared Jaffee was at the top of the leaderboard. Action started with three tables and was reduced to two tables of four after Michael Colman and Gustavo Kamei exited for $27,509 each. Subsequent eliminations of Anton Smirnov, Jeff Gross, and Brandon Cantu for $53,614 each set the final five at one table, and Xiao Peng’s fifth place exit for the same amount set off heads-up play.

Jared Jaffee then proceeded to defeat Joseph Alban, and Mike Watson eliminated Mark Herm. The third and fourth place finishers each won $126,882. Jaffee and Watson then battled. Jaffee had the initial lead, though Watson fought back and took it away briefly. But Jaffee remained strong and defeated Watson in just under 100 hands.

1st place: Jared Jaffee ($405,428)
2nd place: Mike Watson ($246,068)

Event 59: $3K Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 (Day 3 of 3)

The Omaha event that began on Monday did so with these numbers:

Entries: 457
Prize pool: $1,247,610
Place paid: 54

There were still 20 players in the tournament when Day 3 began, and players like Mike Leah and Justin Bonomo were among the first to depart. Melissa Burr eventually exited in 13th place for $14,122, and the tenth place bustout of Don Zewin for $17,828 set the official final table.

Ismael Bojang was the table’s chip leader, but he lost ground along the way, as did big names who exited early like Jordan Morgan, Matt Glantz, and David Williams. Bojang exited in fourth. Phillip Hui was at more than a three-to-one chip deficit going into heads-up play, but he mounted a strong comeback and took that momentum to the winner’s circle.

1st place: Phillip Hui ($286,976)
2nd place: Zack Milchman ($177,609)
3rd place: Michael Bees ($118,036)
4th place: Ismael Bojang ($87,594)
5th place: John D’Agostino ($65,736)
6th place: David Williams ($49,817)
7th place: Matt Glantz ($38,089)
8th place: Jordan Morgan ($29,356)
9th place: Joe Mitchell ($22,793)

Event 60: $1,500 NLHE (Day 2 of 3)

It was the last of the $1,500 NLHE events and well attended with these final numbers:

Entries: 2,563
Prize pool: $3,460,050
Place paid: 270
First place prize: $614,248

Day 2 brought 293 players back and quickly moved into the money to guarantee players at least $2,802. Later in the day, players like Paul Berende, Layne Flack, Joe Tehan, and Dutch Boyd departed, and the night ended with 24 players still in contention for the bracelet. Names like Ty Reiman and Cherish Andrews were among them, but these were the top five:

1. Steve Sung (1,132,000)
2. Erwann Pecheux (780,000)
3. Thomas Dietl (774,000)
4. Kenneth Gregersen (770,000)
5. David Bravin (693,000)

Event 61: $10K Seven Card Stud (Day 2 of 3)

The latest championship event turned out to be a small but stacked one:

Entries: 102
Prize pool: $958,800
Place paid: 16
First place prize: $268,473

No corresponding 2013 event.

Day 2 brought 57 players back to the tables, and it wasn’t until late in the evening that the bubble neared, though not before players like Gary Benson, Fabrice Soulier, and Cyndy Violette exited the field. Vladimir Schemelev busted on the money bubble, and Oxana Cummings was the first player to cash for $16,932 in 16th place. Shirley Rosario followed, as did John Cernuto and Barry Greenstein. Richard Ashby then exited in tenth place for $26,299 to end the night.

The unofficial final table of nine was then stacked as follows:

1. Todd Brunson (980,000)
2. Steve Landfish (550,000)
3. Phil Hellmuth (404,000)
4. Matt Grapenthien (390,000)
5. Ben Yu (247,000)
6. James Obst (169,000)
7. Jesse Martin (156,000)
8. Henry Orenstein (112,000)
9. Henrik Hecklen (46,000)

Event 62: $1,111 NLHE Little One for One Drop (Day 1 of 4)

Days after the completion of the Big One for One Drop, the Little One for One Drop was on tap. It offered players a much more reasonable buy-in of $1,111, which $111 of each one going to the One Drop charity. The tournament boasted of unlimited reentries during the first four levels of play, along with two starting days. The first of those was on Wednesday and brought in these numbers:

Entries: 2,181 (incomplete)
Prize pool: $1,962,900 (incomplete)
Place paid: unknown
First place prize: unknown

2013 entries: 4,756
2013 prize pool: $4,280,400

The reentry period was quite exciting, as many players bought in, busted, and reentered. Some did it multiple times. Official chip counts were not available at the end of the night, but it looked as if 351 players made it through. These five had the largest reported chip stacks:

1. Jason Wheeler (71,500)
2. Frank Rusnak (66,800)
3. Matt Lapossie (64,225)
4. Valentino Konakchiev (60,000)
5. Ted Driscoll (59,500)

Event 63: $1,500 10-Game Mix Six-Handed (Day 1 of 3)

The notion that mixed games are becoming more popular was no more evident than in this 10-game tournament with a low buy-in, which saw a significant jump in registration numbers from 2013:

Entries: 445
Prize pool: $600,750
Place paid: 48
First place prize: $153,220

2013 entries: 372
2013 prize pool: $846,300

When play stopped in the early morning hours, only 85 players remained, and these were the top five shown on the leaderboard:

1. Bryn Kenney (67,000)
2. Scott Clements (55,825)
3. James Carroll (50,850)
4. Justin Bonomo (49,050)
5. Orjan Skommo (46,475)

On Tap for July 3

Events 60 and 61 will play on until a winner is decided.

Event 62 will play its second starting day and set the official prize pool.

Event 63 will play on in the hopes of setting its final table.

Event 62 Day 1B ($1,111 NLHE Little One for One Drop) will kick off its final starting day at noon, and Event 64 ($10K PLO) will get underway at 4pm as the last new tournament starting before the Main Event.


Editor’s Note: reporter Jennifer Newell is on site in Las Vegas, and will be offering daily news recaps throughout World Series of Poker 2014. Check back here daily for a detailed accounting of events, exclusive interviews, and anything of interest regarding WSOP.

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