Unlicensed Jao Poker Site Shows Why Proper Regulation Counts with On-Again, Off-Again Site Status

February 24th, 2018 by Daniel Smyth

Unregulated US online poker site Jao Poker has caused a stir after going offline and locking up player funds without any prior warning.

Jao Poker.

Jao Poker has caused a commotion after going offline without telling its customers. (Image: Jaopoker.com)

Trouble for the Cambodian-based poker site started on February 19, when 2+2 user “zxjaexz” wrote on the forum that their withdrawal hadn’t been processed. After explaining that the $1,550 bitcoin cashout had been lost for almost three weeks, Yogg-Saron joined the conversation to post a message from Jao Poker representative Tam Nguyen.

“FYI, I don’t have anyone’s money. I didn’t own the site. I was a promoter and game ambassador like many pros you saw. We are not the poker site’s bank, we just promote and get paid. Jao is like any other business. You do well and thrive or try to do well and can still fail. For those who joined the ride, it was good while it lasted. There are many other sites to play on. Good luck everyone,” Nguyen posted on Facebook.

Confusion Over Site’s Status

With the post appearing to suggest the site had gone under, many players started to question where their funds had gone. Unable to access the site or login to their accounts, players started to fear the worst.

“He has a cheek to wish everyone good luck. Plenty of people called him out at the start saying the site was a scam. I mean it was based in Cambodia ffs,” Yogg-Saron posted on 2+2.

It later emerged that the site hadn’t closed down, but was rather taken offline to perform an important security update. Looking to quell the vitriol directed at him and Jao Poker, Nguyen posted a video message to his followers.

As well as stating that no one at the site was out to “take people’s money,” Nguyen said that a communication error meant the update went ahead without prior warning.

In addition to removing his previous Facebook post, the representative said that players could make payment requests, but they might not be completed because of the maintenance process.

Should Players be Worried?

One comment which could ring alarm bells with players was Nguyen’s suggestion that most people don’t have a lot of cash on the site and so locked-up funds aren’t that much of an issue.

“I’m pretty sure there is nobody on the site that has more than $1,000 in their account. Games aren’t that big, and if you have $1,000 on the site, your money is still there. If you have a few hundred, don’t worry about it. If it really kills because you have a couple of hundred on the site and have to pay bills, be responsible with your money,” Nguyen said.

For Nguyen’s full explanation of what’s going on with Jao Poker, check out this video:

While we were able to create an account and login from across the pond in order to write this article, it’s worth noting Jao Poker isn’t licensed in the US, the UK, or Europe, although it claims to offer games to a “worldwide” audience.

Although it has been regulated by the Cambodian government and its RNG has been verified by iTech Labs, its presence in the US and other markets is currently unlawful.

14 Responses to “Unlicensed Jao Poker Site Shows Why Proper Regulation Counts with On-Again, Off-Again Site Status”

  1. Infinity Objective says:

    The $3.30 in my account that I won in a freeroll of theirs gone for good?, please be doing maintenance forever, and I’ll send a “donation” if you stay closed. SAMFCSB’s 🙂

  2. John_3_16 says:

    A crooked online poker room not associated with American or European oversite closing and stealing accounts? Please, tell me it is not so :confused:

    A professional poker player who lies, cheats and steals? Please, tell me it is not so :confused:

    A sucker born every minute? Please, tell me it is not so :confused:

    Shades of UltimateBet, Batman. Please, tell me it is not so :confused:

    There obviously is nothing left in the world to count on and live for. Please, tell me it is not so :confused:

    Obviously time to sell my house, cash in the 401K and clear the kid’s education funds. I have some deposits to make. NOT!

    :dontknow: :stickyman :withstupi :santaclau :congrats:

    • Infinity Objective says:

      The only 2 legitimate things left in this world….Professional Wresting and the Roller Derby. 🙂

  3. beatlebug says:

    So sad these scams come and go…..maybe if we only play with their funds, we won’t take such a soaking. Getting to be pretty common among new startups. Glad I had less than ten dollars there…..as it doesn’t seem as though we will be seeing our br soon.

  4. playinggameswithu says:

    I can’t believe people actually played on this site.

    • Infinity Objective says:

      Actually some of us literally had to play off the website because the software was bs. Then to trouble shoot they wanted to access your computer, if you want to see I have the emails with them requesting. Sick turds. They had a $500 freeroll every Wednesday at 9pm, almost no one came to play it, 150 – 200.

      All these companies are worst from smaller and up with their holding your money and making withdrawals difficult, jerks. F em all.

  5. albosaltenio says:

    apparently the site has serious financial problems and they do not know how to fix it, and it’s going to end up being a scam.
    and what a misplaced comment from someone who is the face of the company as nguyen, so two cents is from the people trust on the site and has the right to claim them either to pay a bill or to buy a piece of bread. It is very hard to hear this from someone who is paid to only put their face when there are people who really work.

    a pity what is happening to the clients of this server I hope it is solved and can charge their alms according nguyen

    • Infinity Objective says:

      Absolutely, and affiliates as well who look like asses in front of their clients. CC gauged this way in advance and expressed themselves straight up and so glad they didn’t take a neutral stance, very forward about not only not endorsing Jao but to beware. When in the dark, unsure, always listen to your mother kitty kats. 🙂

  6. skaterick says:

    I want to play freerolls !

  7. paulsmall007 says:

    LOL at the reasoning from the ambassador, ahhh dont worry if u had 1k in there just be happy u didnt have more in there, shouldnt be a problem if u had that in there, should be more responsible for the money. WOW what arrogance people play and support these sites so they can win MONEY, not just shrug there shoulders that at least it wasnt millions. what an ignorant person. i hope someone hacks his bank account and bankrupts him and see if it is just “casual money” thats missing

  8. eberetta1 says:

    Well, answers my question if I should play at Jao Poker. Jao Poker and Global Poker were the next two sites I was trying to get around to playing. Funny, poker is not taking away my time these days, video gaming has. Found a site that pays me to play phone apps and it pays about as much as the $100 poker freerolls do.

  9. Andrew Popov says:

    It’s sad to see that the money of players in poker rooms is almost not protected. Even if you see something different in the rules and agreements – this is not guaranteed at all.

  10. Andrew Popov says:

    By the way, the disappearance of freerolls from the tournament schedule is usually a very bad sign that the poker room started financial problems. Keep this in mind!

    • Infinity Objective says:

      Excellent point, maybe, are you saying BO, SB are potentially the next candidates on the chopping block? 🙂

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