Tom Dwan Makes Quick Triton Million Exit After Trash Talking Rick Salomon

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Rick Salomon was the first to bust in the historic Triton Million poker tournament – the richest buy-in poker event ever – on Thursday and Tom Dwan was quick to playfully talk trash on Twitter afterwards. Karma then caught up to “durrrr” as he was also soon eliminated.

Tom Dwan Triton Million poker
Tom Dwan was dealt a losing hand and karma at the Triton Million. (Image: Twitter)

Dwan, a fan favorite, made a quick exit from the charity event. He was the second out, besting only Salomon, the twice former husband of actress Pamela Anderson. Rick is also famous for co-starring in a sex video with hotel heiress Paris Hilton. On Thursday, however, he became known as the player to bust first from the most expensive poker tournament in history (£1,050,000).

The Poker Gods Show No Mercy

Every poker player knows – or should know – you don’t mess with the poker gods. Poker is an unforgiving game of which Tom Dwan certainly knows. But he tempted his fate on Day One at the Triton Million in London.

Rick Salomon took an early tumble from the seven-figure buy-in poker tournament. That isn’t too shocking considering the former Mr. Pamela Anderson is a loose-aggressive player who isn’t afraid to play big pots. Dwan took a lighthearted jab at the recreational player.

Remember what we just wrote about how unforgiving this game is and how you shouldn’t mess with the poker gods and karma? Dwan, one of the most popular players in the game, was taught this valuable lesson on Thursday. Shortly after Salomon was felted, “durrrr” was eliminated by Timofey Kuznetzov. He owned up to it on Twitter.

Rick and Tom can now go have a few cocktails or turn on the live-stream and watch the remaining 52 players chase the biggest payday in poker history. Or, they can grab a bite to eat, as Jean-Robert Bellande suggested.

Day One of the Triton Million is available – for free – on live-stream at CardsChat ambassador Jeff Gross is in the broadcast booth along with Lex Veldhuis. Nick Schulman, Ali Nejad, and Liv Boeree are also providing commentary.


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