Tom Dwan Closes Out ‘High Stakes Poker’ Season as Expected

Season 8 of the Tom Dwan Show, otherwise referred to as High Stakes Poker, wrapped up with “durrrr” doing what he always seems to do on the popular cash game show: hit draws and stack chips.

tom dwan high stakes poker

Tom Dwan hits draws when he’s chasing and avoids river suckouts on High Stakes Poker. (Image: PokerGO)

The reboot season, back for the first time since 2011, featured numerous massive pots and exciting hands. Some of the game’s biggest stars such as Phil Ivey, Doug Polk, and Phil Hellmuth competed during the 14 episodes. But no one had as much success as Dwan, and that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Not only is “durrrr” a talented poker pro, he also has a long history of big wins on High Stakes Poker. Back when the show aired on the Game Show Network, he never lost and was a regular from 2008-2011. So, it wasn’t too surprising that he felt compelled to compete in the reboot season on the PokerGO app.

Tom Dwan Just Always Gets There

On episode 14, Tom Dwan was once again the star of the show. Brandon Steven, who was also seated at the table, was in awe of how well “durrrr” runs. He said to Dwan after hitting runner-runner flush, “you just f*****g get there, you just get there. He just gets there. Whether he gets there or not, he just bets, bets, bets, bets.”

The hand he’s referring to was perhaps the most memorable from the exciting final episode of High Stakes Poker Season 8. Dwan raised to $5,000 pre-flop with 6-2 of hearts. John Andress (pocket 8’s), Rick Salomon (A-5 of diamonds), and Steven (Q-9 offsuit) all made the call.

The flop came out Q-K-8 with one heart, gin for Andress. Dwan led for $5,000 and Andress decided to slowplay his bottom set, and just made the call. The 3 of hearts hit on the turn, giving Tom Dwan a flush draw. He bet out $25,000.

“Now John should raise,” High Stakes Poker commentator Gabe Kaplan said. “Could have been a straight draw on the flop, now there’s a flush draw possibility out there. Shouldn’t give any more cheap cards.”

Andress didn’t take Kaplan’s advice and just made the call again, and then watched a third heart appear on the river (4). Dwan, who had a huge stack, put his opponent all-in for around $60,000 (the graphic showed $49,000 but was incorrect). Andress tanked for a minute but, like most poker players, couldn’t find a fold with a monster hand.

That hand was sort of a microcosm for how Tom Dwan ran during that episode, throughout the entire season of High Stakes Poker, and ever since he first appeared on the show in 2008. You can catch episode 14 and every previous episode on-demand on the PokerGO app (paid subscription required).

Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


skaterick wrote...

players are afraid of him … like they used to be of stuey !

Mike wrote...

Im trying to calulate what durr made during season 8!!! My best guess is about 1.5million but im still working on it

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