Thayer Rasmussen, Prolific Poker Writer and Early Online Tournament Pro, has Died

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Thayer Rasmussen, a poker professional who was known for his intelligence, kindness, and generosity has died.

Thayer Rasmussen
Thayer Rasmussen, here at the 2018 WSOP, has died. (Image: WSOP)

Poker pro and longtime friend Shaun Deeb was asked by Rasmussen’s family to post a message confirming the 39 year-old’s death.

“Anyone who knew Thayer knows he was never one to wear his heart on his sleeve, but make no mistake, Thayer had the biggest heart and leaves behind love worthy of it,” the statement read. “The six of us knew every second how much he cared for us, but perhaps many of you did not know how much you meant to him. It wasn’t just stories we never thought we would hear, it was the way he tackled world issues or debated sports topics. Thayer’s been intelligent, almost to a frustrating degree, since he was a baby, but y’all helped mold him into the man he became.

All you want for someone you love is happiness, and we can confirm he brought that while we were lucky enough to have him with us. To anyone who was a part of that, thank you.”

Rasmussen, who was part of the “Waffle Crush” group of players in the mid-2000s, played under the name “THAY3R” on PokerStars in the days before Black Friday shut down the industry in America.

He was also a prolific contributor on the poker forum Two Plus Two, consistently posting about poker for more than 15 years, and was given credit by Deeb and others of helping them understand the game at a deeper level and become winning players.

“He was the waffle to my crush my 1st poker friend wouldn’t have been as successful in poker without his guidance, his supersystem and our propbets to motivate each other. Was lucky in 2021 to drive to Jersey and grind the online event at his house and it was like no time passed,” Deeb wrote on Twitter.

Rasmussen won a 2015 PokerStars World Champion of Poker title online in a $530 buy-in event for $69,825. His best live cash came in 2014 at the World Series of Poker in a $1,500 event where he finished fifth for $356,620.

His last cash came when he final tabled a WSOP Online event last June, finishing sixth

He had nearly $1.7 million in lifetime tournament winnings and a respect from the poker community that is priceless.

A great influencer

Condolences from players and people Rasmussen influenced, supported, and befriended over the last two decades immediately poured in after the news broke.

Matt Berkey, who is in the middle of a heads-up grudge match with Nik Airball, also took time to give his respects.

CardsChat offers our own condolences to Rasmussen family members, friends, and fans.

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