Team CardsChat Takes Aim at WSOP Colossus, Follow Along Online

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You can call it a colossal undertaking if you want, but Team CardsChat is up for the challenge. That’s right, Team CardsChat will be anteing up in the big WSOP event with the small buy-in — the Colossus — in an effort to take one down for the community.

Team CardsChat
Team CardsChat will be looking to win big at this year’s WSOP when they ante-up in the Colossus this week. (Image: CardsChat)

Alongside our Ambassadors, Ryan Laplante and Ashley Sleeth, 11 long-serving forum members, writers, and CardsChat administrators will be anteing up in the $400 event. The 13 representatives will either be playing Day 1A (October 29) or Day 1B (October 30). CardsChat is covering 50% of everyone’s buy-in, and the team member who lasts the longest will win $500.

Team CardsChat on tour

The aim of the game is to win the Colossus, obviously. However, the last longer bet is designed to add some extra excitement to this year’s event.

As you’d expect, Team CardsChat members will be focused on building a big enough stack to win the Colossus. However, they’re also duty-bound to provide some updates and insights for those who aren’t playing. Being the fun and friendly bunch, we are, we won’t be shy about making our presence known at the Colossus.

So, if you’re playing at the Rio, or just following the action online, you can expect to see the following things over the next few days:

  • Team CardsChat members taking part in this event will post their updates in our WSOP forum thread and/or Twitter
  • Team members will wear a CardsChat hoodie, sweatshirt, or t-shirt, and use a CardsChat card protector throughout the event so that the poker world knows we’re taking over the Colossus
  • Team members will tweet pictures of themselves wearing CardsChat gear, as well as images of their chip stacks

Doing it for the community

Even though there will only be 13 members of the CardsChat team playing this week, everyone in our community is part of the event. With that being the case, you should check in with us regularly throughout the event to keep up with all the action. Now you know the basics, let’s take a look at who will be repping CardsChat this year and aiming to win a WSOP bracelet for the community.

CardsChat WSOP Team 2021

Look out for the following Team CardsChat members when they ante-up on Day 1A of the Colossus:

  • Debi O’Neill aka Debi – Twitter Handle: @DebiONeillCC
  • Donna Scruggs aka belladonna05 – Twitter Handle: @belladonna05
  • Bruce Williams aka Shamnalix – Twitter Handle: N/A
  • Joe Mussat aka JoeShowdown – Twitter Handle: @JoeShowdown
  • Ashley Sleeth – Twitter Handle: @_ashleysleeth_
  • Ruth Hall aka Halltxholdem – Twitter Handle: @Halltxholdem
  • Greg Brewer aka gabpoker – Twitter Handle: @gabpoker

Our second group of Team CardsChat players will be taking their seats on Day 1B, and include:

  • Mark Moore aka xOneCoolHandx – Twitter Handle: @xxmarkqmoorexx
  • Chris Read aka saintsfangirl – Twitter Handle: @chrisreadpoker
  • Kathleen Twomey aka kltwomey – Twitter Handle: @pokergrrrl
  • Chris Wallace aka ChrisFoxWallace – Twitter Handle: @foxpokerfox
  • Ryan Laplante – Twitter Handle: @Protentialmn
  • Jacki Burkhart – Twitter Handle: @jackiburkhart81

Make sure you cheer for Team CardsChat from the rail and check out our forum updates to see who lasts the longest in the race for a WSOP bracelet.

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