Fight Breaks Out in Phoenix-Area’s Talking Stick Poker Room (VIDEO)

March 3rd, 2019 by Jon Sofen

Tensions were high on Sunday. when an unidentified man inside the Talking Stick poker room in Scottsdale, Arizona became belligerent and was forcibly removed from the casino by security after he was unwilling to calm down.

Talking Stick poker room

Be careful when you enter Talking Stick poker room, folks. (Image:

Justin “Looshle” Pechie, a 2011 WSOP bracelet winner, recorded a two-part video of the incident. He told CardsChat News he has “no idea” the angry patron’s name. But he did share with us some details of what went down.

When Tempers Flare

Pechie said the incident “went on for a couple minutes before I started recording.” He then began filming and posted the fight in two parts on Twitter.

In the first video, the unidentified man walked around the packed Talking Stick poker room screaming, “we all the same. I played my money just like y’all.” He then complains about being “kicked out” of the casino and grabs two nearly full racks of what appear to be $1 chips.

“I’m not losing, motherf***ers,” the belligerent man screams. “F*** the dealers. I’m not losing. F*** you, you black b****.”

Another patron in the poker room then jumps the man from behind. His poker chips fell to the floor. The two men wrestle to the ground. Poker room staff attempt to break up the fight and in less than a minute security were able to apprehend the foul-mouthed customer.

Pechie wasn’t sure what specifically triggered the man. But he said the individual got into some sort of dispute with the dealer while playing a $4/$8 hold’em game.

Talking Stick, which boasts one of the top poker rooms south of Las Vegas, has yet to publicly address the weekend incident. It is not known at this time if the altercation resulted in any arrests.

6 Responses to “Fight Breaks Out in Phoenix-Area’s Talking Stick Poker Room (VIDEO)”

  1. crimsonblur says:

    I played at this room plenty of times, some of the free-est money I have made playing poker, albeit I was on a hot streak for the few months that I played there, this was coupled with many obvious fish (super aggro bluffy players)

  2. trippin says:

    lol .. thats my go to casino, missed the action =/

  3. Packy says:

    I KO’d that same MF’r at the PHX park’n swop last year. He knows my name!!! Lucky we weren’t at the same table!!

  4. Jbond says:

    Headline reads “fight breaks out”, what fight?

  5. Golf Pro says:

    The guy who horse-collared the pissed dude was at my table. He was wasted and had no idea how to play poker – we thought we were living the poker scene from ‘Stripes’. He also had cuts on his knuckles – they were noticeable – indicating he was a ‘fighter’. Guess this is what happens when it’s beer muscles vs. belligerence.

  6. Roger says:

    Jeez how could you discriminate against that poor helpless black man

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